27 May 2018

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Martyrs’ Families At The Top of Priorities, Afghanistan Would Be The Graveyard For Terrorists: Commentary

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Wednesday January 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Ghani the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a clear message to the armed oppositions and enemies of Afghanistan has said that they have miscounting regarding to Afghan people, if they follow their ominous objectives, Afghanistan would be change in to their graveyard.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghan president in special ceremony held for observing the status of martyrs and safeguarding their families at the headquarter of Defense Ministry, giving the keys of four apartments to the heirs of the martyrs hailed the bravery and devotion of the martyrs. Attending of President Ghani in such ceremony indicates that the leadership of unity government is seriously regarding the life and tranquility of defense and security personnel. As the president in his speech addressing the staff of security organs and the families of martyrs insisting on permanent attention to the brave personnel of security organs, families of martyrs committed supporting them to be one of the priorities of his garment. He added,” it is my commitment that in house building program within the next three years, the families of martyrs, security and defense personnel will be at the top of priorities.”
The president in a part of speech pointing to prevention of casualties among security and defense personnel talked on measures adopted by the state in that regard. The other issue that reflected in president’s speech was the atrocities committed by armed oppositions and the enemies of the country against our people. He clearly and explicitly said that they have made a wrong accounting regarding to our people and country and if they follow their ominous objectives again, Afghanistan would be changed in to their permanent graveyard. The president echoed very well among the personnel of security and defense organs, the heirs of martyrs and the people as a whole. However, there certain problems, the security, and defense authorities should consider. The security forces of the country in this critical situation, are defending the national values, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the country at cost of their lives, but in some cases they complain about the shortage of equipment, technical problems and their accommodations, even they have talked in battlefields about lack of coordination and timely receiving aid. 
Whereas, President Ghani talks on programs adopted for reducing the number of casualties among the personnel of security and defense forces of the country. Without doubt, if the programs implemented in practice the number of casualty certainly will decrease. The matter of attention to security and defense personnel and the families of martyrs are as mentioned earlier at the top of priorities of the government, but a disabled soldier, an injured officer, and a family of a martyr are wandering for receiving their legal rights. Therefore, the relevant organs and authorities should adopt measures to make the process of paying the salaries and other rights of security personnel, disabled, and the heirs of martyrs easier. The president talking miscounting of the enemies of the country warning them said that if the armed oppositions and the enemies of Afghanistan think about implementing their ominous objectives, the country would be their graveyard. Therefore, knowing this flagrant fact that the brave soldiers and officers of the country are standing firmly against the cruel terrorists and their supporters, heroically defense the national values, independence and the life of our citizens, it is our national obligation to morally and financially support the security and defense personnel, disabled, and the heirs of the martyrs.
Nematullah Nemat 

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