06 August 2020

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“Whatever We Have Is In The Name Of Afghanistan”, President Karzai

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The president said that in the coming two remaining years I will concentrate what has been left over from my working period and these include strengthening of infrastructures, good governance and preparedness for a better Afghanistan. 
Talking to the domestic and foreign reporters and journalist at the presidential palace, president Karzai said that after signing of strategic cooperation agreements with the US, Germany, India, France, Britain and Australia and the Chicago Conference in which the international community’s commitments were received for strengthening of the Afghan security forces, and our participation and acceptance of Afghanistan as observer at the Shanghai Conference, all our efforts should be focused on the process of remaining tasks in the coming two years that covers laying the basis of good governance and serious struggle against corruption. 
He added that Afghanistan has consolidated its relations with the international community and it depends on us to strengthen our country, eliminate corruption, lay the basis for serious struggle against corruption and it is them that no insurgency will find its way into the country and our country will not come under the pressure of its enemies. 
He added that our task inside the country in the coming two years will fully concentrate on empowerment of the basis of good governance, and we shall strive for building a better Afghanistan and I hope that our government leaders and the politicians of the country to assist us in our strivings. 
He stressed that what we have belongs to Afghanistan and it is in the name of the country that we obtain assistance. 
The respect accorded to me by China and our flag was hoisted in that country and the national anthem of Afghanistan was played there, all these were not for Karzai or any other person, like me there are millions in the world and they are more talented than us, and when I stood on the side of the leader of more than one billion Chinese, I was representing a nation and I was there representing the nation of Afghanistan and China honors Afghanistan and respects our flag and our people. 
He noted that I manifested the nation of my country and all our people who uses the name of this country in their activities whether it is in trade or politics, they should know that they represent Afghanistan and if they forget this no one will even greet them. 
We were witness what happened in Peshawar, Mashhad and Kulab streets.

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