US National Security Advisor Visiting Pakistan Says, ‘” No Country Should Support Taliban.”

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The US president’s warn that no any country should support Taliban.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes the security advisor of US president while visiting the countries of the region, in meeting with Pakistani prime minster said that no any country could support Taliban. He made it also clear that nobody should support the armed men who fight against Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people. All the countries of the region and world instead of prolonging the war in Afghanistan and exercising influence in that country should play an effective and positive role in settling the current problems and supporting Afghan people.
Mr. Mick Master the national security adviser of US president who had visited Afghanistan earlier in interview with media asked Pakistan follow its interests in the region via political means and warned that from now on Afghanistan would not be a safe place for terrorists.
Meanwhile, in a clear message addressing Taliban he has said that they should accept the process of peace negotiation; otherwise, they would be killing in the battle.
Afghan political experts say the US national advisor in these statements in Pakistan Capital, in reality asks that country to desist supporting Taliban anymore. Pakistan has been known as the main supporter of Taliban, that country not only support this furious group, but also has a great role in introducing the group to other countries like Russia, China and Iran.
Russia during the recent years establishing a close relation with Taliban considers them a political group. China also during the last years, contentiously aiming to hold negotiation between Afghan government and Taliban hosted the negotiators of the both sides. In addition, there were rumors about equipping this insurgent group by Iran.
The American authorities considering the recent developments regarding to the relations of Taliban with some countries of the region, reached the conclusion that Russia is seeking to influence in Afghanistan and driving US in to margin and wants to use Taliban as a means in this political game’ while, America cannot endure cooperation with Taliban and their supporting countries. Therefore, the statements delivered by US National Security Advisor, have expressed according the requirements of the situation.
In addition, the politicians, consider the recent incident in Achin district Nangarhar province where the Americans dropped their biggest bomb on IS stronghold and the recent statements of US National Security Advisor as signs of serious of that country on Afghan issue and defending its interests in this sensitive region. 

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