31 May 2020

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Tokyo Conference Importance

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) On July 6th Tokyo to host a three day conference aiming to declare the international community and Japan long term support to Afghanistan.
The international community would again renew its commitments in political, military and economic spheres with the country.
The Afghan and Japanese governments have full preparedness for the conference and the US has pledged to encourage the world society for supporting Afghanistan in various sectors, which she would provide up to 80 present of the aid to the country.
The Japanese officials in their meeting with the Afghan government authorities have several times promised on the successful holding of the conference and the world industrialist countries has also given their assurance to assist Afghanistan.
The conference is the follow up of the 2nd Bonn conference held last year in Germany and the 1st Bonn conference held ten years before aimed to help Afghanistan in rehabilitation and development process.
After the collapse of Taliban regime in 2001, Germany hosted the 1st Bonn conference which laid the foundation of democratic government in the country and stood alongside the Afghan government in different spheres and now the world community’s contributing countries would once again get together in Tokyo conference to play their role as an effective members of the world society to the war devastated Afghanistan during change decade.
Change decade means that after the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country, Afghanistan as a self-reliance country would require the international community’s incessant financial support, which the world society besides supporting Afghanistan wouldn’t let the country alone to be changed yet again to hub of terrorism and malicious plans and actions of the country’s enemies.
Currently, the 3rd round of security transition from foreign forces to the Afghan security forces is going on in the country and according to plan, five rounds of the transition would be completed successfully in another year and after two years, the ground would be prepared in another year and after two years, the ground would be prepared for the pullout of foreign forces from the country.
The world country have before supported the security transition process and now are focusing on ways how to equip and reinforces the Afghan security forces and make them able that after withdrawal of foreign forces from the country territorial integrity of their soil.
Last week, CM economic committee announced that Afghanistan would offer 22 national development programs to Tokyo conference and priorities in infrastructures, development of the private sector.
The Afghan nation hope that with the attraction of the support of the international community at the Tokyo conference in connection with development programs, this nation in upcoming years will have marked achievements in economic, political and social spheres.

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