31 May 2020

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Holding The Conference Heart Of Asia Countries In Kabul Indicates The Political Wisdom Of Afghan Leadership On Regional And International Problems

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) BAN political analyst writes:
The presence of senior political representatives of regional countries and others in Kabul and discussions on important regional issues, such as anti-terrorism, narcotic drugs, organized crimes campaign and other important issue that faces the region to crisis and challenges were at the agenda of Kabul conference.
At one hand, holding such an important conference in Afghan capital clearly demonstrates the political wisdom of our leadership, in another hand is a clear message of Afghan good-well to the current issue of the region.
According to informed people, terrorism, organized crimes and narcotic drugs are the circles of the same chain that together create crisis in the region.
If someone looks at the history of the region the phenomenon of narcotic drugs, organized crimes, terror tension, disputes, and extremism in the region came in to practice when terrorism with support of some nations became a fact and faced the region to sever crisis.
Political wisdom says that on regional issues, the countries of the region should follow and practice a same opinion and acknowledge that terrorism is a phenomenon that challenges the region and takes victims from the region and even from international community.
If terrorism is the problem of the region, not a country or terrorism is the enemy of civilization, progress, freedom, democracy, and humanity, world community without exception should fight against this evil phenomenon and not to seek their fails interests to be obtain through terrorism, and should join forces and take measures for ensuring a safe and prosperous future for the region and world as a whole.
Kabul conference is held to obtain the above objectives, so it will have positive and intangible results.

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