06 August 2020

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Expectations Of Afghans From Second Bonn Conference

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Kabul (BNA) The people of Afghanistan opened a new political and economic era after the first Bonn conference in which destiny making decisions and the current political system was formed. 
Afghanistan had been isolated and the people were living under the chaotic and petrifaction environment, so after holding the Bonn conference the people felt their presence along with the international community and the people were optimized of reconstruction process in the country. 
Since the first Bonn conference Afghanistan conducted two presidential and parliamentary elections and as well as provincial councils, religious scholar’s council and tens of social and political foundations were formed. 
Under the constitution, free activities of political parties, human rights foundations, civil society alongside freedom of expression and individual freedom together with mass media shaped and massive economic activities were maintained. 
It’s not an easy task for the current generation who has passed years of volatility under the suppressive regimes to realize democracy process in the country while the bloody incidents and attacks of fundamental groups and extremists taking place over individuals and the institutions. 
Some people believe that if the international community once again leaves Afghanistan alone, perhaps this country which has not yet recovered from the past destructions move towards pathetic and disastrous directions and even partition of the country. 
Unfortunately, our people are still suffering from these kinds of doubts and threats on their minds but holding second Bonn conference can open new page of hope for our nation. 
It in real sense this conference is committed to take accurate and comprehensive decisions for establishment of permanent peace and security in Afghanistan and the continuation of reconstruction process, undoubtedly, the fear and hopelessness of our people will change into hope. 
Now, the people of Afghanistan closely follow the happening of the second Bonn conference to see how the world deals with their country. 
The participation of president of the country with key ministers and representatives of important social and public institutions describes that the various living dimensions of Afghan people will be discussed in the conference.

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