23 July 2018

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US New Strategy To Be Soon Announced

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Sunday August 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Amid speculation on US strategy in Afghanistan, the US President Donald Trump has recently said his country’s new strategy would be soon announced.
President Trump has said that consultations on this issue with senior US authorities have concluded and it would be finalized and released.
President Trump, addressing the media in New Jersey on a large US strategy in Afghanistan, said, “This would be a very big decision to me because I have inherited a confusing situation in this country and we could improve this situation”.
The US defense secretary James Mattis had already said that Washington new strategy on Afghanistan would be released mid July. But, differences among senior officials of Trump administration have caused delay of announcement of this strategy.
A number of lawmakers and experts asked the Trump administration to announce final decision on Afghanistan soon.
Lawmaker Mohammad Hashim said, “The international community should support this country for many years because ignorance or non-support specially the US would leave unpleasant results and would face with problem too.  ANSF are in long term support to fight terrorists. The US claim of inheriting a confusing situation is indeed indicator of the world community’s ineffectiveness in Afghanistan.
Political commentator Ali Rabbani believes this is good news for Afghan people that the world would not leave them alone. It would be a gold opportunity to NGU and an important guarantee for this country’s future stability. So no doubt global particularly US supports are very important for Afghanistan.
The Afghan people expect them to insert targeting the terror cells, training centers and save sanctuaries in new chapter of their commitments.
Safia Siddiqi a civil activist said that if the world countries really want Afghanistan enjoy peace and stability and she manage in war on terror, essential political pressures should be exerted on terror supporting countries.
Taj Mohammad Akbar one of the citizens said that US is one of the biggest donors of the developing countries and we consider close relations with the US in the benefit of Afghan people and government.
Fariha a graduate of Theology Faculty of Salam University said that Afghanistan should expand its economic, political and military relations with the world rich and major countries. It would result in sustainable development and stability in this country.
Suraya Raiszada  

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