21 May 2018

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Ghazi Amanullah Khan Delivers Fruitful Services To Afghanistan

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Based on the modern history of our country, Ghazi Amanullah Khan had recorded in history books his justification and honesty over his country during the three deadly wars: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Anglo – Afghan war with Britain.
The wars continued from 1839 – 1919 when Afghans finally got their political independence from Great Britain by sacrifices of thousands of our heroes and English government was forced to officially recognize political independence of Afghanistan.
After talks between Ali Ahmad Khan ‘Loynab’, Afghanistan minister of interior affairs at the time of Ghazni Amanullah Khan and Indo – British secretary of foreign affairs Hamilton Graft in Rawalpindi, Afghanistan Independence was approved in 9th of August of 1919 coinciding on the day of signing agreement of the victory of Afghanistan. But, King Amanullah Khan approved the last document of Afghanistan Independence inside the country in Zar Afshan Palace ‘today’s Zar Negar Park of Kabul, on 19th of August of 1919 and asked the nation to welcome the day as national festival in the country.
Professor Abdul Hai Habibi in his book quoted King Amanullah Khan’s statement issued by him on the occasion of celebration of 9th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day.
“How should we protect our freedom and independence? Can we do it by hoisting colorful and decorated flags? Well, we should enliven and create the feeling of home-lovingness and heroism in hearts of coming and future generations because we would never lose our freedom and independence if we were devotees”, King Amanullah said in his statement.
During the kingdom of Ghazi Amanullah Khan, correspondence developed, various kinds of weekly newspapers were seen and people had access to the newspapers. The first time when government newspapers were published were ‘Bidar’ in Mazar-e-Sharif, ‘Itehad-e-Mashraqi’ in Nangarhar, ‘Itefaq-e-Islam’ in Herat, ‘Islah’ in Badakhshan, Tolo-e-Afghan’ in Kandahar, Akhbar-e-Ghazi’ in Paktia and an outlet named ‘Iblagh’ in which articles related to rights and laws for freedom of women were published.
Implementation of democracy was one of key goals of King Amanullah Khan. Besides, King Amanullah Khan was able to provide the most fruitful and best services to his nation as:
* Establishment of women support association.
* Publication of Irshad-ul-Neswan magazine for women.
* Providing facility in taxes.
* Ending force works.
* Cancellation of extra taxes from crafters.
* Modernizing old accounting system of the government.
* Management and enforcement of law on encouragement for investors.
* Creation of law for selling government properties.
* Cancellation of multiple custom houses.
* Appointment of consolers and commerce attaché in neighboring countries for providing further facilities to Afghan traders, establishment of chambers of commerce of Soviet in Kabul and signing agreements with two France and German companies for launching railway in Afghanistan.
* Making compulsory the elementary studies on all children.
* Building Amani High School and Amania High School later changed to Istiqlal.
* Bringing effective developments in industrial, agricultural and other fields.
* Founding telephonic and telegraphic lines between Kabul and certain provinces of the country.
* Founding various factories in the country.
* Completion of Ghazni’s Seraj dam.
* Signing various trade agreements with different countries of the world.
* Recruitment of Afghans, and other Afghan minorities in army and providing facilities of education in various vocational institutes. We can say that King Amanullah Khan ran 10 years of his kingdom successfully and with full honesty. But, finally he faced with influx and solidarity of his opponents and left Kabul and kingdom for Kandahar along with a small group of his close colleagues. With full honor we can say that King Amanullah Khan left the biggest spiritual work behind, which is our freedom and independence. May his soul be in peace.
Lailuma Noori

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