22 October 2018

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National Identity Directly Relates To National, Historical & Independence Values On The Occasion Of Afghanistan’s Independence Day:

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Saturday August 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) As the symbol of our history and national values, Asad 28th Afghanistan’s Independence Day is celebrated every year countrywide.  A number of experts and citizens told while appreciating the brave men who got the country’s independence are stressing on protection of national and historical values.  Mohammad Karim Aminzoy, scientific chairman of legal stage of Kabul University said, as you know, the independence was the national identity of a country. Since long, Asad 28th has been celebrated every year all-over the country through glorious ceremonies, so the future generations realize the independence has not been easily obtained, he further said. Aminzoy added, unfortunately due to security and political problems in recent years, this day was not properly marked. He went on to say, we should make effort to preserve these historical values. Likewise, education and higher education institutes are responsible to transfer historical honors from one generation to another, he continued.
He added, in other countries, people respect to their values, for example, India as a regional country has always commemorated its accepted traditions and bravery of its great leaders. Ahmad Sayedi a political analyst on Afghanistan and regional affairs said, Ghazi Amanullah Khan took a steadfast step and gained our political independence. The brave Afghans shed their blood in this path, and we appreciate them, he added. He added, national identity of a nation is in preservation of its historical values and independence. I hope one day would arrive to have political, economic, security and cultural independence. Commemoration of Independence Day and its glories celebration is indeed commemoration and cerebration of heroism and braveries of our historical men. Haroon Mir another political analyst said Asad 28th was an important and decisive day in the history of Afghanistan. But political, security, economic situation in the last four decades have created great challenges to our country. He added, during king Amanullah a constitutional movement appeared that wanted to lead Afghanistan from darkness to progress. But after the communist coup d’état the development process was stopped. Today politically we are independent but economically dependent to the international aids. So we should give a new definition of freedom to young generations. Real independence is in economic self-sufficiency.
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