“We Continue Our Cooperation With Afghanistan In The Future” German PM

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Kabul (BNA) Angela Merkel, German Prime Minister while Hamed Karzai President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was present in the Bonn International Conference said, after transition of security responsibilities to the Afghan Security Forces, our task will not complete.
According to the Presidential press office report to BNA, in this conference the German Prime Minister once again stressing on her country’s support from Afghanistan said, within last ten years we had vast achievements and after ten years we gathered here for two big objects.
First for the world benefits, we want peace and security in Afghanistan that no threat of terrorism be there and secondly we want to continue our cooperation in Afghanistan till this country stand on its foot and the people of Afghanistan have a peaceful life.
The German Prime Minister said, we want the transition of security responsibilities to the Afghan forces be ended successfully and we do our best efforts on training and development of Afghan Security forces capacity.
The German Prime Minister said, problems of Afghanistan are not solvable merely with Afghans.
Mrs. Markel said, reconstruction of Afghanistan is impossible without security and also development and improvement will not obtain without security.
Translated By: Rateb Nabizada

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