Pakistani Army Chief Heading a High Ranking Delegation Recently Arrived Kabul

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The visit of this high ranking military delegation that includes the chief of military intelligence of that country without has aiming to amend the already tense relation between Kabul and Islamabad.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes General Jaweed Baju military chief of Pakistan accompanied by General Rezwan Akhtar ISI director and a number of high ranking military and civilian officials arrived Kabul.
Afghan President’s office releasing a newsletter in that regard has said that President Ghani and General Baju in their meeting discussed on regional security, mutual relations, and counter terrorism struggle and transit issues.
General Baju has insisted that Pakistan supports peace process with leadership of Afghans and will be a good partner for Afghanistan in the region.
Afghan political elites believe the visit of General Baju could be considered a hurried visit to Afghanistan because Pakistan has severely isolated and discredited in recent developments in the region. Including US a number of Pakistani friendly countries in Gulf region and other have lost their confidence to Pakistan.
These political elites say that Mr. Baju has no any new words in his visit to Kabul but the repetition of words like anti – terrorism campaign, respecting Afghans’ territorial integrity, inter Afghans’ peace dialogue, transit cooperation with Afghanistan and finally remaining  Pakistan as a friend of  Afghanistan.
Those political elites and expert emphatically say that we should not expect too much from the visit of Mr. Baju who is the most powerful man in Pakistan government, because the visit has taken place in an hurry and its first and last aim would be rescuing from global isolation, because if Afghanistan showed a green light, then Pakistan can design a road map for forming its relations with other countries.
Pakistan has found itself in such isolation due the new US strategy on one and other hand the active diplomacy of Afghan government that try its best but in vain to rid itself from this horrible isolation. Once, pleads America, other time demonstrate its friendship with Russia and shows sympathy to Afghanistan and makes China mediator.
The Afghan political elites emphatically say that the current Afghan policy and diplomacy against Pakistan have been very effective. President Ghani  in one hand has left the doors of diplomacy opened and on the other hand has thwarted all Pakistani activities including its proxy war launched by so called Taliban and IS in Afghanistan.
Currently Afghanistan is suffering from insecurity and instability problem in its territory, in which Pakistan play a key role. In this situation, Mr. Baju if he be honest in its words, he can play an important role in restoration of peace and stability in to our country by preventing the activities of ISI that lead the terrorist and extremist groups. Unfortunately, contrary to that Mr. Baju talks about economic, transit and training cooperation which are not depend on him.
Some people believe the visit of General Baju to Kabul has taken place due foreign recommendations replace the tense relations between Kabul and Islamabad by mutual cooperation and peaceful co – existence.
Without doubt Afghan authorities in determining their relation with Pakistan a country which is behind all problems in our country will not surrender to foreign recommendations but the visit of Mr. Baju can provide another opportunity for diplomacy solve the problems via reasoning and mutual understanding, while there is no trust on Pakistan’s honesty and commitments.

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