13 December 2018

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NSC Asks Foreign Diplomats To Respect Afghanistan Historic Rights, Values

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Thursday November 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Following a recent remark by British ambassador to Kabul related to recognition of Durand Line, Afghanistan National Security council in a statement has asked all foreign ambassadors and political mission diplomats to Kabul to respect rights and historic values of Afghanistan including Duran Line. National Security Council in its statement said, “Recently stances of a number of foreign diplomats in connection with Durand Line have been heard through media. We urge all the foreign diplomats and representatives to respect Afghanistan’s historic right and understand Afghanistan’s sensitiveness regarding national and historical values including Durand Line and make comments based on that.”
Afghanistan and Pakistan share a 2,400 km border known as the Durand Line, which Pakistan considers to be an international border but Afghanistan has never recognized. The line was signed 1893 between Afghanistan Amir Abdul Rahman and Indo-British foreign minister Henry Mortimer Durand. Dispute on Durand Line began in Sep 1947 when Pakistan requested as an independent country in UN where Afghanistan was the only country that rejected Pakistan membership. In connection with consequences of Durand Treaty after more than 118 years, it should be said that Afghanistan is still involved in dispute of Durand and the issue has created crisis for the country during the past few decades. The Pakistan side has also interfered in internal affairs of Afghanistan in the past few decades so Afghanistan cannot raise the issue in the region.
In fact, Pakistan for its safety has founded two fronts beyond its borders one in Kashmir and another in Afghanistan; therefore, the country is trying to interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan and bring changes for its interests. Moreover, Pakistan from two sides puts pressure on Afghanistan: one is the Durand Line which is now national value for Afghanistan as most of the country’s elders believe that it is in fact the breakup of two tribes in either side of the line. Afghanistan has never recognized the Durand Line and no government has the authority to recognize the line. Pakistan is making effort to pave the way for recognition of the line by creating problems and tensions in borders, Afghanistan will never recognize the Durand Line because it has been imposed on the people of Afghanistan. Nevertheless, Afghanistan government is still stressing on friendly relations with Pakistan despite tensions created by Pakistan in areas bordering the two countries. Division of tribes by borders is not a new issue in the world.
On the other hand, Afghanistan has always tried to create a defending jirga having the support of tribal elders against Pakistan as Afghanistan elders and leaders have wanted to resist against Pakistan in connection with Durand Line. Previously, a number of members of Afghanistan national assembly had asked the government to declare its stance regarding the Durand Line that has remained as difference point between Kabul and Islamabad.
Lailuma Noori

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