23 September 2020

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Capacity, UN Secretary General

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Kabul (BNA) Addressing the international second Bonn Conference, UN Secretary General, Ban ki-moon said that now, the international community had get to gather to announce their support on Afghanistan’s efforts to ensure tranquil and peaceful life for its people. 
Quoting presidential press office statement said the international second Bonn Conference leadership indicated the axiom that the friendly Afghans enjoy a high leadership capacity. 
Pointing to a decade long achievements of Afghanistan, he said Afghanistan had wide achievements over the last one decade among them, repatriation of more than 4.5 Afghan refugees to the country, enrolling 7.3 million children to school, providing high health services, attending the women and decrease in mother and children mortality, the statement quoted. 
He said the people of Afghanistan had long experience that a sustainable stability can only be implemented based on a political process which the basis had been formed by understanding and consensus among the Afghans, the statement added. 
“We are inspired of the Afghans vigilance and talent in the past and confirm the Afghans-led main principles of national reconciliation as a comprehensive process”, the statement quoted him as saying, continuing that peace was in the interest of all. 
He called civilians casualties as concerning and added that the Afghan government armed oppositions responsible for an extensive part of the civilian casualties and the issue also refers to the international forces. 
He emphasized the people of Afghanistan should reckon the ISAF forces their partners a perception originates from self-security.

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