13 December 2018

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President Ghani Asks Political Strata’s Cooperation For Transparent Elections

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The 29th anniversary of the then USSR withdrawal from Afghanistan was marked during a ceremony here at the presidential palace yesterday.
Delivering his remarks, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said 26th Dalwa should not be limited to Afghans, but it depends to whole Islam.
“We should know that we have the contemporary Islam history and Afghans’ jihad was a historic jihad,” the president said.
Praising the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ (ANDSF) war on terror, the president said there were believes that the forces won’t be able to defend the territory, but they have proved their capabilities.
Hinting to transparent elections, the president said he was no long interested to remain in power and called upon all political strata of the country to support and maintain the transparency in the upcoming elections.
Addressing the ceremony, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah spoke related to Mujahideen’s victories and braveries against the then red army, adding Afghan nation’s holy jihad brought one of the biggest armies in the world to its knee.
Dr. Abdullah went on saying that current system was due to sacrifices of the Mujahideen, however he said Afghanistan went to civil war after USSR withdrawal which led to birth of the Taliban and now the so-called IS militants .Dr. Abdullah also called for addressing of the people’s problems.
Meanwhile delivering his remarks, the second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh said Afghans with empty hands fought with one of the well-equipped and modern armies of the world.
“Afghans knew that standing against such army was difficult, but they bravely fought with them and finally defeated them. That Jihad left us with 1.5 million people martyred, more than 3 million people injured and around 6 million other migrated to abroad,” the second vice president added.
The second VP went on saying that Afghans’ Jihad not only defeated the red army but also defeated the whole socialism in the world. “Afghans’ jihad finally resulted to collapse of the then USSR backed regime in Kabul in 1992 and the Mujahedeen regime took the power.”
A Jihadi leader and head of the Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan party Gulbuddin Hikmatyar also delivered his remarks, saying jihad’s message was that no power can occupy Afghanistan and if they do so, “they will be defeated.”
Addressing the Taliban, Hikmatyar said power cannot be achieved through war, but via people’s legitimate votes.
Meanwhile speaking at the event, the Upper House chairman Fazel Hadi Muslimyar asked the National Unity Government leaders to do more for peace in the country and put end to ongoing disputes.

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