Voters’ Registration Process Officially Started

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Ultimately after long discussions between government and electoral bodies, registration process of voters for parliamentary and district councils’ elections was officially started throughout Afghanistan.
While the Afghan government leaders consider themselves committed to holding of transparent and fair election, emphasize that election commissions should carry out their work independently and impartially with full fidelity. On the first day of voters’ registration process, president Ghani asked opponents specially Taliban to exploit available opportunity and take part in election.
President added, election is an instrument that ensures mental and political reforms based on people transparent vote and the IEC asks people to take part in this national process.
An IEC member Maazullah said, IEC tries to include a series of reforms in registration process as preparing list of voters is one of these steps and we will get rid of faked data and precise eligible voters will appear.
Law maker Hashimi said, insecurities in a number of provinces is one of the basic challenges ahead of registration process. So the government should use all available resources to provide security of polling centers. The government should not interfere in the work of electoral commissions and the IEC should officially announce voters’ list of every province to people and prevent faraday data on Election Day.
A number of experts consider elections as the only solution for current crisis in Afghanistan.
Political expert Jawed Kohistani believes that non-interference of government authorities, political parties and groups in election process and increasing supervision on electoral bodies could help ensuring trust and transparency of the process. Parliamentary and district councils elections is a big ordeal for our people.
Another political commentator Amir Mohammad said two months are short time for voters’ registration process.
A number of people said that if the upcoming election would be full of fraud like the previous one, they would not take part in it.
Mozammel teacher in one of Kabul high schools’ said, reforms of electoral system is one of the basic needs of Afghan people to have a transparent elections.
Because the past election was full of fraud. So the world community should help and support the Afghan government to organize on time election free of any violation and fraud.
He added, the Afghan people have experienced three past elections and believe that if essential reforms are not inserted in electoral bodies and laws, people would not attend in it.
7361 registration centers have been planned out of which 1500 centers will be operating in the first round in big cities and the rest in second round in rural districts.

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