22 April 2019

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“National Hero Not Related to Any Tribe, District & Province,” CE Abdullah

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  17th martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud and Shaheed Week was marked in a ceremony attended by political leaders, jihadi figures, cabinet ministers, national assembly members and hundreds of other citizens in Loya Jirga Tent, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported on Sunday.
Praying for the souls of all jihad and resistance martyrs, particularly Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari, Haji Abdul Qadir and security forces’ martyrs, CE Abdullah congratulated Shaheed day.
He added heroism needs bravery and marking this day is important to today and tomorrow’s generation, the agency added.
Criticizing disorders in the capital Kabul, CE Abdullah said marking this day in a way to concern Kabul citizens was not fair, because, Ahmad Shah Massoud was not such a person to create tension.  It there was a shoot in the air, he himself would step up in the respect to prevent that, Dr. Abdullah further said.
Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud had never allowed anyone to harm people’s tranquility, CE Abdullah went on to say.
He added once I heard a memory from a jihadi leader that once someone fired in the air, Shaheed Ahmad Shah Masoud summoned him and asked him why did you shoot? And Finally the National Hero determined a punishment to him.
Dr. Abdullah said such people were trying to terrorize Ahmad Shah Massoud once more.
This is the second terror of Ahmad Shah Massoud, Dr. Abdullah added.
He added if Amer Shahib was alive, he would have never allowed people to do so.
CE Dr. Abdullah said Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud was not belonging to any tribe, district and province, he was related to all people of Afghanistan.
He clarified Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud even maintained peace with his enemies.
He also raised peace voice to the Taliban.
Once, he even talked with Mula Omar and Taliban minister Mula Obaidullah about peace, Dr. Abdullah said.
“Taliban asked him to drop your weapons, you are famous in Tajikistan, try to develop Islamic Emirate to Tajikistan, but Amir Sahib replied this is neither peace nor a solution,” CE Abdullah said.
Then, Taliban asked him what strategies do you offer for peace? Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud: I want a way that the people decide by their own and a government forms through people vote and fair and transparent elections, Dr. Abdullah said.
Taliban rejected his suggestion and said we have given much sacrifices, and we don’t want such a peace, CE Abdullah Added.
Shaheed Ahmad Shah Masoud even asked other Afghan figures around the globe to come to Afghanistan and decide about the country’s future, Dr. Abdullah said.
Pointing at Tashkent Conference during resistance era, Dr. Abdullah said three issues had been stressed in the conference, gathering Afghan people around a circle and strengthening resistance, pressuring a specific country where was then supporting the Taliban and paving the way for Loya Jirga an elections.
Amir Sahib had always made effort on holding elections, he had never wanted to have a high position in the system, Dr. Abdullah said.
He wanted the people of Afghanistan to live in justice shadow and have the right to determine their future, Dr. Abdullah pointed out.
Pointing at upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, Dr. Abdullah said there were many problems before holding elections, therefore, we hope the parties’ practical and logical demands to be paid heed.  Everyone wants a fair and transparent elections, he said, adding we should not jeopardize the country’s destiny anymore.
CE Abdullah said national unity would lead us toward victory in peace and war field, adding we would not reach our goals without unity and cohesion.  “Terrorism is the enemy of everyone and we have experienced it,” Dr. Abdullah said.
Second vice president, Ustad Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf, former president Hamid Karzai, CE second deputy, head of Shaheed Massoud Foundation Ahmad Wali Massoud.  Wolesi Jirga speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and some other officials delivered their speeches in the session as well as the message of first vice president was read out during the ceremony.

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