Dr. Abdullah Calls for Iranian’s Cooperation to Fight Terrorism

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met Iranian foreign Ministry’s political deputy Sayed Abbas Araghchi and his accompanying delegation at Sapidar Palace on Tuesday, BNA reported.
In the meeting, extending his country’s foreign minister good wishes to CE Abdullah, Iranian foreign ministry deputy said he has come to talk and discuss trilateral meeting between Iran, Afghanistan and India discussions on comprehensive cooperation document between the two countries, the agency further said.
He added work on three committees out of quintuple committees to reach joint comprehensive cooperation document between the two countries have been finalized and work on two other committees have been done by 90 percent so far.
He added finalization and signing comprehensive cooperation document would create “New Order” and “blossoming” between the two countries’ relations.
He stressed his country’s policy towards Afghanistan is based on national sovereignty and cooperation with the government and it supports Afghan government initiation to protect national unity, ensure peace, stability and security.
He also stressed on joint fighting terrorism and said terrorism didn’t have good and bad.
Expressing his country’s concern on Daesh terrorist group activities, he said Afghanistan’s security was Iran’s security and vice versa, thus, we should further cooperate with each other on fighting the faction.
Furthermore, welcoming the Iranian delegation, CE Abdullah thanked Iran’s assistances with the government and people of Afghanistan, adding work on comprehensive cooperation document and quintuple committees has been done with good will.
He said the national unity government leadership is keen on completion and signing comprehensive cooperation document between the two countries.
Pointing at current situation of the country, CE Abdullah said terrorism was a threat to our national security, therefore, both countries should cooperate in this regard, adding common threats need further cooperation.
Calling trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, Iran and India important, CE Abdullah said we hoped the meeting could provide the ground for new opportunities to three countries.’ People and investors.
He stressed in term of foreign policy, Afghanistan decides based on national sovereignty and interests and relations between the two countries would never go under pressure of others.
Both sides also discussed and exchanged views on bilateral cooperation on fighting terrorism, counternarcotic, refugees, joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA), water challenge and bolstering cooperation between the two sides.

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