14 October 2019

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Contracts on Installation of Independent Radar Systems, Gabion Project Signed

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Saturday January 5, 2019

Kabul (BNA) At the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, projects’ contract on installation of independent radar systems, transferring gabion and procurement project to five river zones in 34 provinces was signed by relevant administrations’ in-charges, BNA reported. Afterwards, appreciating the national assembly for approved 1398 fiscal year budget, the President said that the national budget would be transparent and at the people’s service and there would be no excuse for on-time payment of salaries and expenditures. The development budget’s consumption has reached to 93 percent for the first time and expenditure on buying decorative materials have been decreased and Afghanistan is now positioned in developed countries’ rank from the view point of budget consumption, the President added. He stressed that the development budget’s consumption should be increased in the first and second quarters of the next year. On signing gabion project contract, the President said that with the project’s execution, floods hazards, land and properties’ destruction would be prevented for the first time and it would also help manage the water.
To decrease the mentioned project’s expenditures, Afghanistan’s stones would be used in the gabions, he added. Furthermore, on independent radar systems installation project, the President said the national revenue would increase from 12 to 15 billion Afghani through the system and our space independency would also be tightened. The project costs nine billion Afghani and would be wrapped up in two and half years. The mentioned radar device can recognize the civilians and military planes until 55000 foots, along which air defense systems can also be installed. Likewise, the gabion transferring and procurement project to five river zones in 34 provinces would be implemented in three lots by the ministry of water and energy, Rahim Gardeezi and Mustafa Metal Ltd. Companies, during which employment opportunities would be provided to 179000 people.

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