Experts Say: Peace without People Will Not Sustainable // People Say: The State Demonstrate the Will of People in Peace Process

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Monday February 11, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Peace is the requirement of our time, but the way choses for reaching it, would be difficult to pass over a night. 
Civil and cultural organizations, political parties, national and spiritual figures, influential in brief all public strata know that continuation of war in Afghanistan is not in to benefit of anybody but all in unity say that the crisis should be ended. But a big question raises, this is how to carry out this public general aspiration in practice?
Ahamad Saidi a political affairs expert regarding to issue told BNA that without general consensus among people, political parties, national figures and government authorities reaching peace would be very difficult. Focusing on this view, one can say that ultimately the government will find the solution way of this complicated problem.
In democratic communities there are also different viewpoints, but regarding to national interests, they forget all differences and follow a single idea or view. Mr. Saidi regarding to the issue said that the differences among government and oppositions as much as increased it would be harmful for Afghan people. However, it should not be think that the complicated peace process can be settled in a few simple sessions. As much as foreign interventions increase in Afghan war, the way of reaching peace would become more difficult. 
The role of people in peace talks is of great importance without observing their views; it would be hard to embrace peace. Masihullah a resident of 7th precinct of Kabul city said to BNA that the sides involved in conflict should not ignore the will and demands of people because they were the victims of four decades of war, therefore, ignoring their view would be a crime against the blood of martyrs and victims of this barbaric and  tyrannical war.
Rahmat a Kabul University student criticizing not sharing the youths in the peace process negotiations said that peace talks without presence of the youths representative in reality denying the rights of the new generation of the country that would be according to Taliban’s way of thinking. Sayed Naqibullah Hashimi a political affairs expert commenting on the issue says that differences of views do not make the future of peace clear, therefore, all sides should reach a consensus in order to make clear the dawn of peace in the country. 
Focusing on above presented views one can say that sustainable peace in Afghanistan can be ensured only when the government as demonstrator of public will takes active part in the process. The leadership of Afghanistan understanding this great responsibility presented an extensive peace program in Brussels session supported by the heads and representatives all countries participated in the session.

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