10 July 2020

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British Role Significate in Afghan Peace Process

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Wednesday June 19, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan considers the role of Britain in establishing a regional gathering on peace process important and significant. Afghan president who is officially visiting Great Britain in his visit with the prime minister of that country calling the role of Britain in establishing a regional gatherer on Afghan peace process important asked for assistance of that country for peace process and holding presidential elections. The British prime minister in his turn expressed his country’s support from Afghan peace process with Afghans’ ownership and leadership and establishing a regional gathering on that regard.
The visit of Afghan president from Britain exactly takes place in time, the peace process has accelerated and many countries are becoming more active in that regard. The seventh round of negotiation between the representative of US and Taliban is starting, a Taliban delegation has gone to China and Germany, Norway and Russia have their own programs. Britain is one of the important countries in world affairs. This country after 2001 until now has made great efforts for building democratic organizations, improving free media and providing the ground for male and female education and is one of the active countries in reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Above all, Britain has a close and traditional relation with Pakistan. While Pakistan from Afghan people and government point of view, that country is the factor of many problems in our country, hosts the leaders of armed opposition groups and funds those groups who cause tension and terror in Afghanistan. The British prime minister in his turn expressed the support of his country from peace process under the leadership and ownership of Afghans and establishing a regional gathering on Afghan peace. Britain has close relation with Pakistan, therefore can encourage that country to play its role in restoring peace and security to Afghanistan. Afghan peace process seriously require the support of big powers and Britain can encourage it allies to cooperate in that regard.
The other issue which was discussed in meetings with British authorities was holding presidential elections in Afghanistan. Afghan president asked for the assistance of that country. Assessing and analyzing the effective role of Britain in Afghan problem, one can say that the visit of president Ghani from Britain at this sensitive juncture of time is of great importance.

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