13 July 2020

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Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference; A Step Toward Solidarity and Reconciliation

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Thursday July 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Intra-Afghan peace conference held by participation of 60 representatives from political parties, civil society activists, women right activists and Taliban representatives’ office on 7 and 8 July 2019 in Doha Qatar.
BNA political analysts commenting on the issue writes, the session has ended by approval of a resolution, the contents of the resolution explained that the ideas and stance of both sides completely has changed. Before the intra-Afghan peace conference no one can’t think that the sides sitting on table and discuss various significant issues after years’ wars and agreed on different issues, but the participants did so and hope peace alive. Despite of contradictions in the content of resolution the agreement of intra-Afghan peace conference is a step toward establishing understanding environment among Afghans the matter that our society seriously need it.
Resolution of intra-Afghan peace conference proves that Afghans able to stop war and disputes and reach to a durable peace in Afghanistan. The resolution shown that Afghans can to reach an agreement based on reconciliation and national interests. Should be noted that the result of intra-Afghan conference actually was the consequences of already session held between representatives of U.S., government and political parties and Taliban group. Political analysts called intra-Afghan peace conference wasting time and without result, it is not like that, each conference hold between opposite groups have role and pave the way for next round of peace dialogue.
The main point of intra-Afghan peace conference is that the trust has been established among the participants and opposite groups must be avoid from disputes and also strengthen confidence among each other.
It is the obligation of parties involved in war to prepare the mind of people for accepting peace resolution approved in Doha. Peace can only be sustainable and durable that all people accept and support it, this is possible when people launching massive advertisements for achieving peace, reconciliation and unity.
Government organizations, media, religious scholars, tribal elders, civil society activists and also armed oppositions that support current peace process and believe on lasting peace should work together for ensuring peace and stopping bloodshed in Afghanistan.
Najib Shinwari


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