Investment in Afghanistan Should Be Productive, NSA

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Monday, July 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) During a meeting attended by a Germany MP and that country’s ambassador in Kabul, National Security Advisor (NSA) Dr. Mohib said that Afghanistan has jointly passed a long development route with international community over the last eighteen years and this process should be perpetuated, BNA reported on Sunday.
He added the developments have been achieved by great investments in the country, according to the agency.
Calling development in Afghanistan visible, Germany MP stressed that the mentioned achievements should be protected during any political processes, the agency added.
He also assured of his country’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan, adding Germany would stand by this country in peace process as well, BNA continued.
NSA Dr. Mohib called recent meeting held in Qatar important and thanked Germany’s role in this regard.
He added all partner countries should pay heed that peace cannot be brought hurriedly, but it needs long preparation, all-side coordination, clear proposing of issues and a belief that the national make sure its result will be stability and better life, not repeating past mistakes.

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