NUG Leaders Participate in Hussaini Ashura Ceremonies in Kabul

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Wednesday September 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a ceremony held yesterday on the occasion of marking Hussiani Ashura in Kabul condoled the uprising anniversary of Imam Hussain to all Muslims and people of Afghanistan. Addressing a gathering held at Nabi Akram Mosque in Kabul, the country’s President said: “This year, this great occasion is coinciding with the Martyr Week; therefore, I need to pray for the soul of all martyrs of freedom in particular martyr of National Unity Ustad Mazari, Martyred Masoud, Martyred Abdul Haq and all martyrs of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ personnel.” President Ghani said that Imam Hussain, who changed the course of history, was not alone now, adding that he was now a school, a path forward, a torch, a great teacher of freedom for all eras and generations.
“This great and historic movement should be further reviewed and researched in academic centers and prestigious research institutions as today Ustad Danesh put a big foundation and I agree with all his speeches,” President Ghani said, adding that the movement of Imam should be introduced in framework of a book, scientific articles and professional seminars to today’s generations who are thirsty of justice and improvement. The country’s President further said that it was an honor as all Muslims and followers of all religions were commemorating this great incident. Pointing to Afghanistan peace process, President Ghani said that peace would be followed as a national process based on roadmap which has been introduced by the people in recent Peace Consultative Jirga as a dignified peace that could maintain security in the country and be led by Afghans was the desire of all Afghans.
According to another report, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah also in a gathering held yesterday at Al Zahra Mosque on the occasion of marking Hussaini Ashura condoled the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain to all Muslims of the world in particular Afghanistan mourners. In the ceremony, the country’s Chief Executive said the uprising of Imam Hussain in Iraq’s Karbala had an Islamic and human message, adding that justice, freedom and reforms in Islamic communities were the most significant reasons of Hussaini movement. Chief Executive stressed that Imam Hussain was in the right path, while his enemies were in the wrong path. He asserted that the month of Muharram and Hussaini Ashura were axis of unity and solidarity among Shia and Sunni Muslims in Afghanistan

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