29 February 2020

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Candidate Ministers, Head Of National Security Department Introduce To Parliament By Marshal Fahim

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Saturday, September 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The general session of the House of People was chaired by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and initially the deputies discussed delivery of the responsibility of Bagram prison to the government of Afghanistan and expressed their concerns over possible release of the criminals from the prison and asked for investigation on the number and identity of the prisoners.
They also touched on the rise of tension between the government of Afghanistan and the US over delivering of the prison of Bagram and its prisoners and they asked for information in this respect.
The session also discussed intervention of countries of this region in Afghanistan’s affairs, non-follow up of the martyrdom cases of a number of civilians in Kunduz and indifference of the Kabul Municipality on construction of the city’s streets especially the Puli-Sokhta and Darul Aman roads.
They said that house of both sides of this stress had already expropriated one year back but work has not started on this while people are facing serious problems.
Some deputies complained over insecurity in some regions, and said that recently a number of passer-by on the Maidan-Wardak road till Daikundi has been mercilessly killed.
They strongly criticized the government and said that if the security cannot be maintained on this road the people of the central regions especially the Daikundi people will face shortage of primary food items.
Others express of First Vice-President during the celebration of martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Masoud and the Shahed week in respect to deterioration of security and lack of possibility for holding of elections. Targeting of military chopper in Parwan by the enemies of the country was also taken up at this session and they consider leaving of foreign troops at this delicate time as too early.
In another part of the session Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim introduced to the deputies the candidate ministers to the general session of the House of People.
He introduced General Besmellah Mohammadi as candidate to the ministry of defense, General Ghulam Mujtaba Patang candidate to the interior ministry and Azizullah Deen Mohammad candidate minister for frontier and tribal affairs ministry and Assadullah Khalid as candidate to the department of national security.
He told the deputies that the government selected the candidate with the required precision and asked the deputies to vote to the candidates. Humayun Azizi minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs read out the biography of each of the candidates.

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