18 February 2020

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Vote Of Confidence To Nominated Ministers

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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Parliament as a legislative body has wide-range of authorities and responsibilities before the nation. Ratifying laws and finding functional solution to the political, social, cultural problems and other obstacles existed in a society are the main objectives and duties of the national assembly.
By implementing better rule of law and removing hurdles countries of the world and move forward in rehabilitation and development process and sustain a pivotal position in international community politics, economy and if further create an environment of mutual understanding based on respect to international norms.
Last Wednesday Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim First Vice- President introduced candidate ministers including Bismillah Mohammadi as candidate ministers of National defense ministry, Mujtaba Patang for interior ministry and Aziz Deen Mohammad for Tribal and border affairs and Assad Ullah Khalid as head of National Security for obtaining the vote of confidence from the people representatives in Wolosi Jirga or lower house of the parliament.
According to the constitution of the country introducing the nominee ministers to the parliament for the vote of confidence is the right of the president but casting the ballot of belief of rejecting the candidates after their assessment and studies are the rights of the legislators or people’s representatives.
People representatives in their special session yesterday voted the national defense, interior ministers and head of the national security.
The legislators’ decision in this critical period of them undoubtedly is in benefit of Afghan nation and security situation in the country.
In past ten years, Afghanistan as a young democracy has experienced different circumstances. The Afghan government and Afghan nation tirelessly endeavored to establish a governing system ruled by them through their representatives.
Now Afghanistan with having an elected government, parliament and a powerful judiciary system is a country ruled by the Afghans.
In democratic societies where democracy is implemented its values like rule of law, woman rights, children rights, freedom of press freedom of thought and such other rights are the most imminent and vital elements of the society.

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