07 July 2020

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Violence Cannot Open Way for Getting Political Privileges

Written by  Manager2
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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan once again was the scene of violence in recent days. After a suicide attack in Kabul Shushdarak   September that beside eleven Afghan civilians killed an American Engineer cancelled the process of negotiations with Taliban declared a partial peace and reduction of violence in the country.
The American and Taliban delegations carrying out 9 rounds of negotiation in Doha were close to signing an agreement, but the Shashdarak incident disrupts everything and Taliban who considered themselves the conqueror of political and fighting fields found themselves in complete isolation.
After that date, Taliban made every effort to draw the American delegation to negotiation table and for obtaining the confidence of America decreased in carrying out suicide attacks too much, but American officially not conducted any official negotiations with Taliban but their talks mostly focused on release of two Afghan American University professors who were abducted three years ago from Kabul.
The two sides agreed to exchange three senior members of Taliban with the two professors. Unfortunately the exchanged due to unknown reasons did not take place. Some believe the teachers are not alive anymore.
In this way the last hope of Talban for reaching an agreement changed in to nothing and Taliban once again choose violence for reaching their political objectives.
In existence of such opinion and view in Kabul and some other cities of the country are the scenes of terrorist attacks that mostly kill civilians.
As yesterday in Kabul as a result of a terrorist attack five people injured and in the other day in Herat an explosion in car including three children six people injured. Also, an explosion in Mazar-I- Sharif injured a child. Likewise Taliban carrying out attack on attorney generals in Qara Bagh district Kabul province killed two of the attorney general and injured two others. 
Some believe, Taliban with increasing terrorist attacks want to regain their lost status but they did not know for reaching a deal with Americans how many Afghans have killed and sat the Afghans in grief and mourning.
Violence of Taliban indicates that they are insisting on war and violence which complicate political talks and the process of peace, while reaching peace seriously needs building trust and avoiding violence.
Real peace only insures when Taliban stop the killing of Afghan citizens, accept ceasefire and carry out direct talks with Afghan government.
Because violence and carrying terrorist attacks bring peace negotiations seriously under question so if Taliban are Muslims and Afghans should stop fighting and killing Afghans forever and settle the deadly problems via carrying out intra Afghan dialogues.  

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