Afghan president delivered his speech in UN General Assembly

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September 29, 2012
Kabul, (BNA) Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan delivered his speech in annual meetings of UN General Assembly focused on crucial issues of the day such as heinous acts against religious sacred of Muslims in some western countries, continuation of terrorist operation in Afghanistan, peace process in the country, the role of neighboring country Pakistan in settling disputes in Afghanistan and Syria’s crisis.
Political analyst of BNA regarding the issue writes: Afghan president on 26 September 2012 delivered a speech in the meetings of UN General Assembly touching on main issues of the country and current developments in the world, asked for their urgent settlements.
Among the issues the president talked about were a film made by a fanatic Christian orthodox and earlier publication of a cartoon that humiliated Islamic sacred and hurt the heart and sentiments of more than 1.5 billion Muslims in the world  and provoked fatal incidents.
The president touching the issues called them alien to freedom of speech and unjustifiable and expressed his concern on anti- Islam activities which threats co- existence between various cultures and civilizations.

Mr. Karzai touching upon the continuation of terrorist attacks on villages and towns of Afghanistan, emphasized that are not rooted there but all resources of terrorism and its supporting centers are located behind the borders of Afghanistan and the world in order to curb and root out this evil phenomenon should fight it in its sanctuaries and original sites, where terrorists are recruited, trained and sent for terrorist and suicide attacks which had caused heavy casualties and destructions in our country so far.
The president emphasized on fighting terrorists in their sanctuaries and hideouts while it is clear for world public where the save places and sanctuaries of terrorists  are located and from where terrorism is exported to Afghanistan  as a result o which innocent Afghan civilians and international troops who fight terrorism  loses their lives.
President Karzai in his speech once again talking about the programs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on restoring peace and stability in the country said, “We have already started the process of peace in order to bring all armed oppositions in to a peaceful life in the community.” He added “our bosom for peace and reconciliation is not only open to Taliban but to all armed oppositions who want to live in peace with dignity in their beloved country.   Just we want them to end violence, sever their relations with terrorist networks, protect the ten year achievements and respect the constitution. What is important to focus on the president’s speech is maintaining the ten year achievements and honoring the constitution, this is ensuring woman’s rights and freedom of speech and emphasized the provisions of the constitution should be obeyed.

The other important issue which the Afghan president raised in UN Genera Assembly was the role of neighboring countries in ending the disputes in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been considered as a country which enjoys a great influence among Taliban and in the other hand, the border areas of Afghanistan have been the target of Pakistan’s artillery and missile attacks during the recent months. Also, Pakistan is located on the main supplying road of Afghanistan and the rate of exchanging commercial goods between the two countries is very high.
Beside, the issues mentioned above, in recent years, terrorist incidents have been increased in Pakistan which are deeply rooted in regional events,
The president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, considering the role of Pakistan in ensuring peace in Afghanistan insisted that peace talks is not only positive for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan but it is also, vital for ensuring security in Pakistan and the region as a whole.
The other issue which, Mr. Karzai pointed out in his speech in General Assembly was the existence of administrative corruption in the country which the donors  depending  their financial aids to the measures the Afghan government adopts for rooting up this evil phenomenon.
It should be said that Afghanistan has stepped up its activities against this heinous action and numerous agencies have been assigned to work for reduction and finally for complete eradication of it. But this bitter fact should not be ignored that certain outside organs also, have a great role in dissemination of this satanic deed and the world community should fight against the outside factors.
The Afghan president, touching on unrest and bloodshed in Syria representing the people of Afghanistan who have been experienced three decades of war and destructions in their country asked the Syrians to avoid violence and to solve their problems via negotiations and national understanding.  

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