23 February 2020

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Afghans have chosen way of peace

Written by  Manager2
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The development of previous years put Afghanistan at focus point of world attention and the countries across the world demanded for long term political and economic ties with Afghanistan, which is an emphasize on pivotal role of this country in world level.

BNA political analyst writes:  Recently, Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Polish president visited at the sideline of 67th session of UN General Assembly. The two sides, in addition to other relevant important issues, talked on preparing a draft of strategic cooperation between the two countries, which will be prepared and finalized after necessary consultations.

It is not only Poland that wants for concluding a long term strategic cooperation agreement with Afghanistan, also  Pakistan our neighboring country, tends  to extend its relation with Afghanistan within the framework of such  an agreement.

Mr. Karzai in a meeting with Mr. Asif Ali Zardari the Pakistan president in New York, while the British prime minister was also present, expressed his agreement on finalizing the draft of strategic cooperation agreement between the two countries until the end of 2013. Earlier to this Afghanistan has signed long term strategic co operation agreements with powerful countries of the region and the world, like India, US, Great Britain, Germany, France etc and recently such an agreement also was signed with China. Political activist believe, the Afghanistan tendency toward ensuring peace at national, regional and international levels, key role of the country in international issues, emphasizing on coexistence and regional cooperation and finally prevention from extremism were the key policies of Afghanistan which made the countries of the world including military and economic powers to extend their relations with Afghanistan, by signing strategic cooperation agreements. Because the leadership of Afghanistan always considers mutual understanding and reconciliation the only way of settling the problems and insists instead of seeking supremacy and exploiting the other countries should think about the interests of people all over the world. This realistic and wisely designed policy which meets the interests of all mankind faced the positive reaction of the world and led to the signing of strategic agreements with various countries.

Afghanistan tries its best, using the agreements and commitments to   prevail peace and trust in the region and the world and to prevent the reoccurrence of incidents which have caused huge casualties and destructions. Afghanistan wants instead illegal competitions and rivalries in the region build and atmosphere of trust and co operations in the region and ensures economic cooperation among the countries of the region.

Signing strategic cooperation agreements with a number of countries and talking with a number of other countries in that regard, are instances of the efforts which lead the south Asian countries to be a center of peace, security and prosperity and will establish a new chapter of political developments which will be positive and extensive.

Afghans believe to the world order and access to that order is impossible without peace and stability. This way of thinking and belief has maid the Afghan authorities to use every opportunity for restoring peace and stability in the country and in the region. If they negotiate for concluding strategic co operation agreements outside the country, they prefer to settle the disputes inside the country via negotiations and mutual understanding. In spite of many barriers and obstacles on the way of peace, they insist on ensuring peace via peaceful means.  The experiences of the past indicate that insecurity and instability in Afghanistan, is not only horrible and painful for Afghan oppressed people but threatens the region and the world as a whole. So, it is the responsibility of the region and international community who talk about ending hostilities and ensuring peace in Afghanistan work honestly like Afghan in that regard in order to create an atmosphere, suitable for progress and welfare of the people around the world.    

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