91% of Targeted Tasks Completed

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Najib Amin deputy head of regulation and assessment of administration affairs secretariat of the Council of Ministers told the press that the two month time given for implementation of decree No 45 of the president is complete and the assigned departments were able to achieve 30 instances to tasks. These include:
-Naming of localities and Kabul streets
-Enlisting the government land usurpers and the amount of land usurped.
-Categorizing of authorities for addressing the criminal files,
-Mechanism of tests for civil service officials,
  -The list of those irresponsible people extracting mines.
Provincial visits by cabinet members starting from second half of Sunbula till the start of Mizan 1391 a total of 29 trips were carried out.
Amin Najib added that the tasks of the third month were 47 instances of which 31 department were compelled to achieve them.
He added that on the basis of the decree 45 this department was assigned to supervise the implementation of the provision of the decree and orders of the president during the five years (1385-1390) and report to the presidential office.
Our findings indicate that during this period 10544 tasks were given by these decree and orders to various departments and 91% of them were achieved.
He also mentioned the tasks assigned by the plenary session of the Council of Ministers on the tenth of Mizan in respect to development projects including that of Kabul Municipality to be supervised by the ministry of economy and supervision of highways by the ministry of public works, assessment of water supply possibilities for Kabul City and New Kabul City to the Urban development Ministry and elimination of the similar structure were given to the ministries of economy and finance.

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