Elections To Be Held Irrespective Of Insecurity And In Accordance With The Provision Of Constitution

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Saturday, October 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) “The election will be held in its due time and as per the provision of the constitution of Afghanistan and insecurity and foreign propagation will not impede holding of the Afghanistan elections”, said President Karzai.
President Karzai who was addressing a press conference at the presidential palace added that when in 2014 the legal presidential term ends.  I will not remain in office even for one day and coming of the new president is top the interest of this land and legitimacy of the order of Afghanistan.
Touching on the transparency of elections he said that we want free elections in which government and foreigners should not interfere in it and the Afghan national give their votes to the person of their choice.
President Karzai has assigned the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to hold the election in its due time and freely, without interference of the government, tanzims, tribal and individuals.
Touching on the psychological war of the west against Afghanistan, he said that he has discussed this in his video-conference with the Barack Obama and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that is being continued by the west media against Afghanistan.
He added that these discussions I told them when you consider Afghanistan you strategic ally and friend, how it is possible that your press is engaged in psychological war against Afghanistan and their propagation be directed that Afghanistan remain weak and its people lose its confidence, so this is not the duty of its allies.
He added that if this psychological war is for the contract that we are expecting or the security agreement on the basis of which the number of military bases, number of soldiers and their security are discussed so this cannot be attained through such a war but Afghanistan similar to the position it had taken during the strategic agreement, shall think over its interests and will attain that.
In relation to the propagation of the western media in relation to Afghanistan and that they should not continue this President Karzai said that the duty of our press is that they should publicize the bravery and steadfastness of the Afghans that they could safeguard their nation for thousands of years. 
He added that when the interest of Afghanistan is taken up, the press should not only defend it, but should propagate for its further consolidation to further strengthen the confidence of the people and our youth and the country moves for a better future. 
In respect to the country’s media publicity he said that when our press says that tomorrow when foreigners leave this country, investment will leave Afghanistan and the Afghans for not nation this is propaganda against the Afghan nation.
He also touched on the achievements of his visit to the US and participation at the UN General Assembly sessions, tripartite meetings of leaders of Afghanistan, Britain and Pakistan.
The president called his meeting as positive and said that relations with the neighbors and elimination of problems with them forms pour country’s main part of foreign policy.
He added that another important issue at that meeting was concentrated on struggle against terrorism and extremism and how Pakistan cooperates and also improving ties especially in trade, economy, and exchange of visits and creation of links that mean strategic relations.
As regards creation of strategic relations of Afghanistan with Pakistan said that Afghanistan is happy to have strategic relations with Pakistan, but such ties have their certain preconditions and that is stopping the entry of terrorism, suicide bombers, discontinuation of interferences and other such acts that are causing killing of the people of Afghanistan and insecurity in Afghanistan.
He added that when these preconditions are observed, Afghanistan will be prepared for signing of the strategic agreement with Pakistan.
Answering a question in respect to equipping of the security forces of Afghanistan he said that for the past two months we are having a series of meetings with the Generals of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan discussing how Afghanistan can reach its aim in terms of equipping of its security forces. 
We demanded from the US to equip our air force with jet planes, reconnaissance planes and transport planes but we received no response yet. 
President Karzai said that if the US and NATO are not providing these equipment, they should not impede so Afghanistan can procure its equipment from the Russian Federation, China or India and other countries.

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