15 August 2020

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Afghanistan Flag is Symbol of Dignity, Honor, Unity and Equality: President Ghani

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, attended and addressed a ceremony marking the National Flag Day here yesterday, a statement said.
At the ceremony, which was held at the Presidential palace and was attended by the Vice Presidents, a number of cabinet members and officials of the security and defense organs and various government departments, the President congratulated the flag day and said that the Afghan flag is a symbol of republic, equality of people, credibility of the security and defense forces and the commitment of women and the will of all our people.
He added that Rostam Zaboli, who was from Nimroz, had a large battle flag. Ahmad Shah Baba and other heroes of our history shone with flags in different periods, and Mawla Ali's struggle in ancient Balkh is a repetition of our blessed tradition and one of the high Islamic values. The president said he would remember the border guard soldier who held the Afghan flag high after the Bonn agreement in Nimroz, saying that Afghanistan had given it to me, I would give blood for it, but I would not put it down. The President of the country said that Malalai raised this flag in Maiwand and along with the flag, the poetry of Maulana, Amir Ali Shir Navai, Khoshhal Khan Khattak and our other poets are our common values which are centered on justice and this common thought and view Represents our shared identity. The President said that Amir Ali Shirnawayee and Khoshhal Khan Khattak called for a system of justice in which justice was not possible, except in the Republic, where justice is possible and fundamental, because patriotism, equality before the law and obedience to the law are the connecting point of all of us. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, referring to the declaration of Mullah Hibatullah, said: He tells the people to obey us.
I wanted to give his answer, but the answer was given to me today by the people of Afghanistan and they raised this flag in every corner of the country.
The flag of Afghanistan is the flag of our dignity, honor, unity and equality. Addressing the Taliban, the president said:
"We want you to return to Afghanistan and not become a tool of foreigners, do not kill Afghans, because there is no honor in targeting Afghans."
He added that we have the will to build and integrate the homeland. “The embrace of the republic is big and the plans of others are small.
The republic belongs to all Afghans and no one can force, command or forbid it.” President Ghani stated that we must make our people aware of key values. He once again thanked the officials of the security and defense forces of the country and said that every soldier is a willing, devoted patriot, a true hero and protector of the values of the republic. At the end of his speech, the President said: "Every time our athletes are present in national and international arenas, they raise the national flag and sing the national anthem." We are all proud of them, because a state and a nation are not only for material values, but also for spiritual values.

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