Afghan Women Win Global Prize

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Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Recently Mrs. Sema Samar the president of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission has won Nobel Alternative Prize and Mrs. Shinkay Karokhail a member of Afghan parliament has succeeded to obtain the Good Leadership prize.
This is for the first time that an Afghan activist of human rights has won the Nobel Alternative Prize.  It is due to the Swedish parliament to grant the prizes to winners on December 7th.
The jury of Nobel Alternative announced last week that including Mrs. Sema Samar, 4 other persons across the world have been recognized the winner of the prize which includes cash too.
Mrs. Sema has vowed that she would spend the money for further growth of education in Afghanistan.
The ministry of women’s affairs, in a message congratulating the winning of the prizes by Mrs. Sema Samar and Mrs. Shinkay Karokhail to civil society, activists of woman rights and the people of Afghanistan called the winning of the world two important prizes a great honor for Afghan people and woman’s rights activists, has expressed hope this great success to have a positive impact on eradication of violence against women, ensuring peace and public prosperity in the country.
Certainly, receiving the world prizes in current situation is a great honor for the women of our country, but it is a matter of regret that still violations against women continues in various types and have changed in to horrible crimes.
Nevertheless, the winning of these two credible international prizes by Afghan women will have great and positive impact on activities regarding to respecting human rights, preserving environment, boosting education and strengthening peace and stability in the country and present an image to the international community that in spite of consistent disputes, bloodshed and grave violence against women in our war torn country , still there are women who fight courageously  for ensuring human rights, women’s rights and peace and entitled in to such credible prizes.
Mrs. Sema Samar two times candidate for Nobel Peace Prize, succeeded to obtain Nobel Alternative Prize which is considered a great honor for her and Afghanistan.
Mrs. Sema Samar conducting an interview said, the stories about Afghanistan mostly talk about painful incidence, this is killing, beheading and destruction, so hearing good news for Afghans has very valuable. Dr. Sema Samar earlier to working as a president of Afghan Human Rights Commission during inner disputes  worked as a patriotic woman for building schools and hospitals in the regions where deprived, war affected and  poor people lived.
It should be said that the Foundation of Better Life also announced the names of Dr. Sema Samar  and an American woman who supports non- violence revolution as the winners of its prizes. A British foundation which struggles against weapons trade has also announced the president of Afghan Human Rights Commission as a winner of its prize.
According to another report, the international federation of Afghan students in Europe and the Afghan students in Holland international university has praised the endeavors made by Mrs. Sudiqa Balkhi the president of women’s affairs and civil society commission of senate, Zarghoona Wali the manager of Taktaz transportation company, Fouzia Koofi the head of women’s affairs and civil society commission of lower house of the parliament  regarding to the improvement of women situation in spite of  too many challenges in Afghanistan.
The recent honor which Mrs. Sema Samar and Mrs. Shinkay Karokhail member of the parliament and an activist of woman’s rights have achieved is considered a great honor for the women of the country.

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