Psychological War Against Our People Continues

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Some international media whose activities originate from certain sources, an in collusion with western media have conducted a psychological war against Afghan people and try by publication of falsehood, deviant stories and fabricated reports disrupt the mind of our people and to promulgate  the sense of pessimism and suspicion about the future of our country.
The commentator of BNA writes in this regard:
In continuation of such anti Afghan campaign, recently International Crisis Group ( ICG) which has its headquarters in Brussels publishing a fabricated report has tried to draw a negative image from Afghanistan situation particularly after 2014.
This group in their report expressing concern about the situation of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country have said that Afghan army and police were unprepared for accepting security responsibilities and other such nonsense.
The matters which ICG has presented in its report are not new, expressing concern about Afghanistan after 2014 have been at the focus of the western media and political circles in those countries.
Nevertheless, Afghan people and their leadership with confidence and better understanding from the situation are waiting for the complete withdrawal of foreign forces. While some people in the west are expressing worry about the situation of Afghanistan, the Afghans are getting preparation for accepting further security responsibilities.
Two phases of handing over security responsibilities to Afghan security forces have been carried out successfully and the third phase in underway and Afghan security forced are ready for the implementation of 4th and 5th phases of the process.
Currently, the Afghan army and police have the responsibility of ensuring security on 75% of the soil of the country. Nightly operations generally are carried out by Afghan forces and for ensuring security and expanding the central rule in some provinces among them remote border areas, military operations have been conducted by Afghan force which had good results. So, what is the concern about?
Political experts believe, the western countries are certain that the Afghan security forces have the capability and courage to stand firm against all security challenges and to defend from a safe atmosphere of the life of their compatriots.
The presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan is temporary and when they came in to Afghanistan 11 years ago according to an international agreement, their withdrawal was predictable and it was certain that they won’t be in Afghanistan forever. Because the Afghans always emphases that defending the country should be changed in to a national responsibility and that idea is now exercising. 
What is the ICG has said is originated from other sources because they receive advice from those sources and act accordingly. If it is not so, why they don’t reflect the realities about this country which has been the prey of superpowers for a long time
Afghanistan is a country which exits before the foreign forces coming and fought against exported terrorism alone. Prior to that these heroic Afghan people fought against the then-Soviet Union aggression and defeated the red army troops and made them to leave the country. The braveries, the past experiences and the evidence mentioned above make one certain that after 2014 the Afghan people are able to defend their territorial integrity, national sovereignty and independence of their country and to bring peace and prosperity in to their homeland.
The recent statement by Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan presents a clear message of the future of the country. His emphasis on holding presidential elections on its time and his permanent living here demonstrate that Afghanistan is heading toward national unity and stability.
Hamid Karzai openly said,” in the provinces where the program of handing over the security responsibilities from foreign forces to Afghan security forces has implemented the security situation is better.”  This belief emanates from a strong trust on Afghan security forces and his trust is appreciable.
In the other hand, some NATO authorities have talked about early withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. Although it has been immediately rejected by NATO, but the authorities of defense ministry declared that if NATO troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan, Afghan national army troops are ready to accept security responsibilities and there is no any concern about that regard.
The British prime minister talking about the capacity building of Afghan security forces called it a heartwarming issue for the future and expressed optimism about situation after 2014.
The deputy spokesperson of the president called the collapse of the government after 2014 nonsense and baseless
So it would be better for ICG and similar organizations to understand the realities and avoid conducting psychological war against a nation that in spite of all foreign interference and proxy war in the country which has claimed the lives of thousands of our compatriots have stand firm against interferences and aggressions and are hopeful for their future.
Khalil Minawi BNA General Director

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