Afghan-Iranian Deputy Foreign Ministers Called Their Talks Positive

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Monday October 15 2012
Kabul (BNA) Jawed Ludeen deputy political minister of Afghanistan and Sayed Ebbas Eraqchi deputy foreign minister of Iran called the results of their talks as positive.
The deputy minister of Iran leading a delegation arrived in Kabul yesterday and had talks with the Afghan deputy minister in Kabul.
Ludeen told the press that he has discussed with his Iranian counterpart around the situation in the two countries and the regional countries and they are desirous that these talks continue.
The Iranian deputy foreign minister also said that detailed consultation in respect to bilateral ties and the regional and world countries were made and both sides considered the talks as positive and we agreed on continuation of these at the intervals.
The Iranian deputy minister considered peace and stability in Afghanistan equal to security and peace in Iran and said that we are not considering differences between the two.
Answering a question pertaining to hanging of some Afghans in Iran said that Iranian laws are equally executed on Iranians and others.

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