18 February 2020

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Council Of Ministers Meeting Debates Measures For Reducing Kabul Air Pollution

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers at the Presidential Office in which Kabul air pollution which is increasing during the winter and discussed immediate measures by the related organs and informed the CM on their accomplishments. 
President Karzai informed the CM on start of practical work on Afghan-India strategic treaty and issued instructions to the government organs that as per the strategic agreement, to start their practical work on implementation of the agreement and instructed the foreign ministry to cooperate with the line ministries in this respect and assist in formation of the cooperation council between New Delhi and Kabul that will be lead by the foreign ministers of the two countries. 
Mohammad Yaseen Usmani advisor to the presidential office in financial, control and inspection and periodical head of the supervisory committee and assessment of struggle against corruption informed the CM on implementation of the presidential decree and added that the committee consisting of six members which officially started its work on the 15th of Sour month, had organized meetings with the higher authorities, representatives of organs and international donor institutions in Afghanistan, head of civil society and trade and this way had its achievements namely confirmation of four strategic documents for struggle against corruption, verifying of 22 main domestic and foreign factors affecting corruption and developing of proposals aimed at eradication of corruption in the strategic, tactical, working and operational spheres. 
He mentioned the following proposals:
1.  Duplication in the strategies against corruption by the national and international foundations,
2. Problems in some provisions of consume and procurement laws including the article 23 and 27 of the law on costumes.
3. Activities of those working on commissions in costumes house.
4. Non-prevention of import of low quality goods.
5. Non-existence of follow up authority of cases by the administration for struggle against corruption in the attorney general offices.
6. Problems emanating from usurpation of land and the factor for such practices.
7. Duplication of supervision foundations in costume’s affairs.
8. Non-availability of standard bidding conditions in the procurement process. 
The CM after debating these issues, instructed the government organs to take into account the mentioned proposals of the administration and advised the administration affairs department and secretariat of the CM to organize a meeting in presence of the President of the country, Supreme Court, attorney general, head of the supervision of implementation of the strategy against corruption, head of the national security department, head of the administration reforms department, and head of the control and inspection to discuss and verity their tasks in a joint meeting. 
The acting minister of transport and civil aviation proposed formation of the security department in the ministry’s units. 
The proposal mentioned that in order to ensure the security of domestic and foreign fights and  passengers at the Kabul international airport in accordance with the laws of international civil aviation in 2009 a contract was concluded with the UAE and this has been extended for another six months. 
The CM after discussing this proposal instructed the ministry to extend the contract with the UAE and further review the proposal and report back to the CM. 
In another part of the CM session the acting minister of communication and information technology along with the administrative deputy minister of interior informed the CM on the creation of electronic identity system and added that printing and distribution of the national identity card is a national project that was debated in the CM meetings, but due to technical and political problems it is not completed yet. 
Now after meetings and measures this problem is being resolved so practical steps are taken in that direction. 
The CM decided that the technical committee of the two ministries led by administrative deputy minister of interior adopts preparatory measures for distribution of the national identity cards.  
Acting minister of public health proposed building of a provincial hospital in center of Bamyan with financial support of Iran. 
It is expected that this hospital be built in the name of Imam Khumeini on an area of 9 jirib of land with the total cost of USD 16 million and Iran shall take up its management for the coming ten years. 
The CM decided that the ministry of public health after obtaining the agreement of ministry of information and culture reach an agreement on construction and management of the hospital by Iran. 
The minister of justice informed the CM on the decision of the Supreme Court pertaining to issuing of permission for renting of residential areas and government shops which was confirmed in order to observe human rights and to encourage trade.

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