10 August 2020

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Fighting Terrorism Successfully Needs Regional Cooperation

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An international conference under the title of (The Changing Decade and the role of the countries of the region) was held in Herat city with participation of the representatives of 30 countries of the region and the world including the representatives of US, Iran, Pakistan and India to discuss the developments in Afghanistan after 2014.
BNA commentator writes: The international forces will withdraw from Afghanistan at the end of 2014 under an organized program. In this way NATO ends its greatest military mission after World War Second and changes it in to a civilian mission that support building the infrastructure of Afghanistan. Although the Afghan and NATO authorities have repeatedly said there would be no any crisis after 2014 in Afghanistan and they are optimistic about the situation but certain circles in the capitals of some western and regional countries for achieving their evil goals try to draw a horrible image of post 2014 Afghanistan and disseminate a negative perception that Afghans will experience severe hardship and problems after that year.
Herat conference participants have gathered with the aim to change the negative ideas about the future and to name the years between 2014 and 2024 the Changing Decade.
At the conference, the participants who are well aware about political, economic, social and security affairs of the region expressing their opinions will discuss the issues regarding to the decade.
This is the decade that determines the destiny of the country because with withdrawal of American led NATO forces from Afghanistan, intelligent services linked circles talk about deterioration of situation in the country while the authorities of the country talking about the capabilities of Afghan security forces claim that Afghan forces are able to defend their homeland against any aggression and to ensure peace and security across the country after withdrawal of foreign troops.
Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta the president’s advisor in national security affairs talking to the participants of session called returning of Taliban to power impossible insisted that only regional cooperation can settle the problem of terrorism in the region and the world.
He said that terrorism was a regional and global problem and required international cooperation in order to be settled. The national security advisor of the president made it clear certain countries which have strained relations with western countries if want to support anti Afghan government ideas and seeking to bring Taliban back in to power, should know that it was impossible.
The security advisor of the president, counting the widespread working opportunities in the country and outside of it, called regional cooperation an efficient way for the progress of the region.  He argued that we did not claim supremacy and also not ready to play the role of small brother. We considered our strength in the unity and coordination of the region for this reason Afghanistan wants to work as a bridge between South Asia, meddle Asia and China.
According to political experts the speech by Dr. Spanta is a clear message that Afghanistan should not be used as a center of rivalry by outsiders and should not demonstrate the years after 2014 as horrible and suffering days for Afghans. He pointed out that regional cooperation and coordination can guarantee the economic development in this part of Asia and can remove the factors which cause terrorism, insecurity and instability in the region. It is expected the participants of the session to disseminate the idea of regional cooperation in their relevant countries, in order to open the way for development and prosperity in the region and to end terrorism and illegal rivalries forever.

khalil Minawi BNA General Director

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