13 July 2020

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Afghanistan, Indonesia relations to be expanded

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Sunday November 11 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai visited Indonesia for inauguration ceremony of Bali Fifth Democracy Forum.
After meeting of the leaders and high ranking officials of Afghanistan and Indonesia, Dr. Zalmai Rasoul, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and Marti Gawa Foreign Minister of Indonesia signed the agreement of friendship and cooperation between Afghanistan and Indonesia, waiving of political visas and consultative survives in presence of the two countries president.
At the ceremony also the agreement on exchange of cultural programs between Afghanistan and Indonesia was signed by Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture and Dr. Mohammad Nuh Minister of education and culture of Indonesia.
In a joint press of conference President Karzai with president of Indonesia said that we had positive talks in relations to our ties as how to expand our relations in economy, education, culture and other spheres and we instructed our foreign ministers to follow up the results of the talks and implement them.
The meeting of President Karzai with the Indonesia president will expand bilateral ties and lay a strong foundation of deep relation between the two nations.
Indonesia pledged that will assist Afghanistan in the fields of technical cooperation’s, capacity building, strengthening of organs, agriculture and supporting of women empowerment.
Both nations welcome the new agreement of friendship replacing that of 1955 between the two countries.
According to this agreement, friendship, cooperation in political, economic, trade, cultural and academic spheres will further expand.
They also welcome recruiting of more Afghan students in Indonesian universities.
Indonesia has announced that they will train Afghan lecturers in this country.
President Karzai invited the Indonesian traders and investors to invest in Afghanistan, also further emphasized on trading sectors of both countries.
Indonesia will train fifty national police offices in traffic management, public order, and criminal investigation as soon as possible.
The leaders of the two countries emphasized on the importance of bilateral cooperation in the struggle against terrorism and planned crimes.
Afghanistan and Indonesia expressed their commitments about the program of improvement capacities of law enforcement individuals, strengthening of border control and preservation of trip documents.
The relation between Afghanistan and Indonesia will boost the joint interests of both nations and values and method of democracy to expand in Asia and Australia oceans.
How democracy and governance can perform their share in maintaining and development of human rights, international peace, security and economy?
Also, in this gathering they emphasized on equal rights.
Stable peace only can be settled in area of sovereignty, justice, pureness, and independency.
Expansion of regional and international cooperation’s in spheres of democracy and development of politics in Asia countries were also discussed.  

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