26 May 2019

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Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Pakistan in their latest meeting on Friday, November 30 in Islamabad agreed the conference of religious scholars from across Islamic world to be held in Kabul early next year (2013).
The BNA commentator writes in that regard:
The foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Pakistan, following the prior meetings of the high ranking official of the two countries   for settling insecurity problem in Afghanistan which heavily related to regional and international peace and stability, held a meeting in Islamabad recently in order to find a favorite solution to the problem.
Such meetings are the result of the active diplomatic policy of the country, aiming to speed up the process of negotiations with the countries which are in one way or another involved in Afghanistan case and has influence on Taliban leadership.
The sources of Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs have said that Dr. Zulmai Rasool the ministry of foreign affairs during his visit to Islamabad, talking to high ranking officials of Pakistan, among them the foreign minister of that country discussed the release of a number of Taliban prisoners in Pakistan, the problem of Afghan refugees in that country, transit problem and other urgent issues. One of the main issues in which they agreed was holding the meeting of religious scholars from across Islamic world in Kabul. This is of great importance, because for years Afghanistan has been the victim of terrorist and suicide attacks carried out in the name of religion and Islam. While there were different interpretations from suicide attacks in the region, the pious Afghan people and its religious scholars consistently insisted that Islam is the faith of peace, justice and brotherhood and friendship and severely denounces violence, terror, suicide and murder. But with great regret there are certain groups in the region who justify such barbaric and satanic actions according to Islam in order to achieve their evil goals in the region
The other important issue which was very important in talks of the Afghan foreign minister with his Pakistani counterpart was the release of Taliban prisoners from Pakistani jails.
Dr. Zulmai Rasool asked Pakistani authorities to hand over all Taliban prisoners to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Earlier, Pakistan government had somewhat cooperated in the issue. During the visit of the president of high council of peace to Islamabad, Pakistani authorities released 9 Taliban prisoners but still some outstanding figures are behind the bars of Pakistan prisons.
Not releasing those figures is questionable, the Pakistani authorities should answer.
Meanwhile, the two sides discussed the issues such as promoting economic cooperation, settling the transit problems and solving the problems of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Without doubt overcoming those problems and economic cooperation between the two countries can further improve trust between the two neighboring countries which will be effective for peace and stability in the region.
The Afghan people hope; holding such meetings, pave the way for ensuring peace and stability which provides a healthy ground for welfare and prosperity in the region. The military and religious circles in Pakistan should deeply think about the message of Mrs. Hena Rabani the foreign minister of that country who has said, “Continuation of unrests in Afghanistan will spread in to Pakistan which harms the entire region.”
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director       

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