29 September 2020

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NSC discusses fourth phase of security transition process

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 Monday, December 31, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by president Karzai the National Security Council took up the fourth phase of the security transition at the presidential palace.
Initially, the present security situation was discussed and Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai chairman of the transition commission presented a report on the end of the third phase of security transition and the start of the fourth phase of transition to the Afghan security forces.
He said that at the end of the fourth phase of transition the security responsibility of 87% of the people of the country will covered by the Afghan security forces.
He added that 52 administrative units will be included in this phase and with the implementation of this phase the security of the total of 312 administrative units will come under the cover of the Afghan security forces.  The in charges of the ministries of defense, interior affairs and national security department expressed their preparedness with respect of transition of security from the foreign forces to the Afghan forces.  The meeting also discussed landing of an aircraft from the Gulf region at the Kandahar airport and after hearing the report the National Security Council assigned the National Security Advisor to prepare a report and present to the National Security Council in respect to the aim of the aircraft for landing in Afghanistan, from which source or government it has obtained the permit and other details.
Prof. Abdul Salam Azimi acting chairman of the Supreme Court and chief justice of Afghanistan informed the meeting over opening of the offices of the attorney courts at the insecure districts of the country.  The meeting instructed the local organs department and interior ministry to prioritize the presence of the districts governors and police commanders and undertake measures for appointment of district governors and police commanders in those regions.  The administration affairs and secretariat of the council of ministers also received instructions to supervise execution of this process.  The meeting also heard the results of assessment of the ministry of commerce and industries towards illegal taking out of the petroleum from the industrial park of Kabul.  The meeting decided that since the existence of the petroleum and gas reserves and the private security companies are the retaining the safety of the people and those of the productive plants at the industrial park, they should be transferred from that area in other proper areas.  According to another report chaired by president Karzai a meeting was organized with the participation of the security foundations of the country and general John Allen Commander of NATO in Afghanistan which discussed necessary measures for the start of the fourth phase of security transition.  The Afghan side at this meeting, while emphasizing on strengthening and equipping of the Afghan security forces especially the Afghan Air Forces and expressed their readiness for the fourth phase of security transition.

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