Observance of Order, Environmental norms every Citizen’s responsibility, President Karzai

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kabul (BNA) The air of Kabul is full of smoke and it is environment is not worth living, as it is harmful for the children, elders and the sick and it is not free of danger for the resident’s health.  These were stated by President Karzai in his 15-day radio address.  He added that Kabul city in terms of its population is the biggest city in Afghanistan and we are obligated to observe its sanitation and protect its environment.  He added that the government in order to prevent pollution of the city has declared Thursday as holiday to decrease the movement of the vehicles for a day, however, there is need for cooperation of the residents in this respect and without such cooperation we cannot achieve anything.  He stressed that the smoke that is created of low quality fuel causes pollution of environment and added that usage of generators by some of the domestic and foreign agencies, using of illegal fuels like plastics, by bakeries and baths in addition to ovens and low quality gas are factors that are polluting the air in the city and encounter the life of the people with danger and with these no one can remain unharmed.  He also asked the traders of the country so that while importing fuel and gas they should focus attention of their quality and they should not harm the people’s health for their personal benefits.

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