30 September 2020

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“US Will Continue Strengthening of Afghan National Infrastructures”: President Obama

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Sunday, January 13, 2013
Washington (BNA) President Hamid Karzai following meeting with the US President Barack Obama attended a press conference in White House and called his meetings with the US authorities as positive.
He added that he agreed with the US authorities and President Obama that the US soldiers would leave the Afghan villages and rural regions and return to their bases, they will not arrest Afghans, fully respect Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and no more the foreigners will have the right to preserve prisons inside Afghan territory.
He stressed that in our meetings we also discussed the fifth phase of security transition from the foreign troops to the Afghan forces, peace process, and opening of an office for the Taliban in Qatar, continued assistance to Afghanistan after 2014 and the role of Pakistan in the peace process and reached agreement on these issues. 
He also added that both countries will continue discussing the security cooperation agreement and both sides reached the consensus that the security agreement be to both sides interests and both countries national interests is taken into account in the agreement. 
Expressing assurances on sustainable US assistance to Afghanistan after 2014, the USA President Barack Obama said that after the 2014 complete change would occur in the US mission in Afghanistan.
He added that this change would include that the US soldiers will deliver all responsibilities to the Afghan forces and they will act as supporting and they will continue their mission in Afghanistan in two spheres struggle against terrorism and training and equipping of the Afghan security forces. 
He emphasized that the neighboring countries should cooperate in the peace process in Afghanistan for a stable Afghanistan is to the interest of all nations. 
He noted that the US is committed to strengthen Afghanistan national infrastructure and will continue its economic assistance to Afghanistan.

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