11 July 2020

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Sunday, January 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan ended his historical visit to USA.
The political experts called the visit important and vital for both countries.
BNA commentator writes in that regard:
Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan made a three day visit to USA. From the beginning to the end, the visit was at focus of politicians. There were various issues at the agenda of talks between president Karzai and American authorities, which were very important and vital for the two countries. 
The role of America in Afghanistan after 2014, security responsibilities program, handing over the leadership of military operations to Afghan security forces, continuation of anti-terrorism campaign, negotiation with Taliban, inauguration of an office for Taliban in Qatar, emphasize on management of Bagram prison by Afghans, economic aids to Afghan in a decade after 2014 and security cooperation between Afghanistan and America were the main topics, Afghan president discussed with American authorities among them Mr. Obama the president of that country.
What president Karzai said in a joint press conference with his American counterpart makes it clear that the visit with its great achievements has a decisive role in determining the relation between these two strategic partners.
Mr. Karzi in this press conference made it clear that Bagram prison fully managed by Afghans and in coming spring the foreign forces were pull out from villages and remote areas of Afghanistan and combat operations would be carried out fully by Afghan security forces.
These two issues were the most controversial issues in the past which faced the conclusion of strategic partnership with problems.
Finally, the American agreed to them, but later, handing over the responsibilities of Bagram prison faced some problems, but it seems the problem has been settled during the recent Afghan president tour to America.
Meanwhile, president Obama insisting on handing over the security responsibilities to Afghan security forces and carrying out military operations independently by Afghan forces which will be completed in 2013 called it a historical moment.
The other issue which was discussed by the leaders of the two countries was reconciliation in Afghanistan. Afghan president made it clear that reconciliation and peace is the main objective of his administration and the American government supports it.
The Afghan president confirmed that   for ensuring peace in Afghanistan and in the region the cooperation of the countries of the region especially Pakistan is a must.
Mr. Obama the president of US, in his turn emphasized on safeguarding the Afghan constitution values, the achievement of the last decade and the women’s right.
Another issue which was discussed in talks between the authorities of the two countries and attracted the attention of politicians was the presence of America forces in Afghanistan after 2014. The American president said, remaining a number of American troops in Afghanistan depends on demand and request of Afghan side, but did not say anything about the number of the troops. He insisted that there would be close cooperation for equipping and boosting Afghan army and the fight against Al-Qaeda and terrorism would be continued.
The most important point which president Obama clearly pointed out was the immunity of American troops in Afghanistan who would possibly remain in the country after 2014. The American side insists on their immunity. The Afghan president says that security agreement will be signed according to the national interests of the two countries and insisted that such an agreement would be signed after consultation with Afghan people.
The political experts believe the presence of American troops and their immunity still remains as red line in talks between the two countries; but both sides insist on solving the problem and consider the next two years a good opportunity for holding such talks
The visit of president Karzai to America is of great importance, because America is among Afghan allies that stood firm beside Afghans during horrible situation of last decade; as Afghan president delivering a speech in an university in Washington said that our achievements and successes were impossible during the last decade without the American assistances. Now what is important for Afghanistan is shaping the future relations between Afghanistan and US to meet the requirements and national interests of the two countries.        

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