Khalili Describes Afghan-Azerbaijan Relations Important Based On Religious Beliefs

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Monday, January 28, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Azar Azemov deputy foreign minister of Azerbaijan called on second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili yesterday.
At the meeting Azemov expressed pleasure over his meetings with the high-ranking Afghan authorities, religious, cultural and historical bonds existing between the two nations and consider these as the basis for further consolidation of bilateral ties and emphasized on further expansion of friendly relations between Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.
He called international terrorism and narcotics smuggling as common threats before the Afghan and Azerbaihan people and emphasized on continuation of positive cooperation between the two nations towards struggle against these two phenomenon and added that the government and the people of Azerbaijan after 2014 and withdrawal of foreign forces from the country will be on the side of people of Afghanistan.
He also expressed the preparedness of his country in terms of training of Afghan security forces and the Afghan students and transfer of experiences with respect to economic expansion and stressed that investment in Afghanistan under our study.
Mohammad Karim Khalili expressed satisfaction over meeting of the Azerbaijan deputy foreign minister, and described ancient relations between the two nations base on cultural and historical bonds as very important and appreciated the cooperation of the Azerbaijan government towards the people of Afghanistan.
Praising the cooperation of Azerbaijan government in ensuring security in Afghanistan, Khalili emphasized on further expansion of bilateral ties and expressed the hope that the visit of that country’s deputy foreign minister of Afghanistan opens a new door of mutual cooperation and expansion of goodwill between the two nations.
Khalili called the preparedness of Azerbaijan government with respect of assistance to the government and the people of Afghanistan after 2014 a big step towards strengthening of ties between the two nations and stressed that cooperation in different spheres especially in the cultural arena including training, shall assist further consolidation of mutual relations between the two countries.

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