29 September 2020

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“No Foreigner Should Try To Take The Lead Over Peace Process In Afghanistan:” President Karzai

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai yesterday addressed the national conference on water development and management.  He said that in my visit to the US I told the US authorities that foreigners should not interfere in the peace process of Afghanistan or take the lead in this respect and on one hand try to bring peace and on the other hand try to bring in a weak order in Afghanistan.
This is not only directed to the US but to all western and neighboring countries and this is addressed to our politicians as well who during the past years have amply benefited of the democracy, freedom, formation of national assembly and elections and what they want to gain they should be attentive that the task for bringing peace and peace talks is the duty of High Peace Council of Afghanistan and that is the main source for this.
He added that any disintegrated activities will be similar to the past 30 years, adding that the politicians of the country should learn from the past and honor that they got should use for the interests of the future generations.
Here I am calling on those Taliban who are not under the influence of foreigners, patriots, Muslim and love Afghanistan that while peace talks start they should think of a strong Afghanistan. 
I tell the Taliban not to be deceived by the foreign deceits, and that peace talks will only be carried out by the High Peace Council of Afghanistan on behalf of the people of the country. 
There is no other and we shall not permit that others face the Afghan nation with unknown problems. 
We shall not allow any foreigners to weaken our peace process as well.
He added that this a plot that Afghanistan attain an immature peace and turn the country as a week nation and all those who want to drag Afghanistan towards immature peace in reality they want to turn the country to a weak Afghanistan and that is a plot that we want to foil it.

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