26 May 2020

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“If Peace Process Not Properly Managed We May Face Difficulties”, President Karzai

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Monday, February 04, 2013
Kabul (BNA) In a written commentary, president Karzai has sent to the Pashto service of the BBC has emphasized on better management of the peace process. 
He says that better management of political and military process is utmost importance under present conditions and for future of Afghanistan.
Why the president is pinpointing to this and wants to reflect the problematic political situation in the country and in the region and to try to inform the circles that are hatching plots against the Afghans that now the Afghans have reached political maturity and they can precisely assess the situation and on that basis verify the border between the friends and enemies.
Most of the Afghans have realized that they cannot overcome the existing difficulties’ and manage the peace process with the exported ideas and approaches. For this very reason the president considers the high peace council as the only source for talks and asks the opposition to refer to this address and have certifying documents from their leadership. 
The past experience has shown that the enemies in the name of peace messengers are sending the insurgents and killers. 
If this process is managed better and with the recognition of basic arenas between the friend and enemy the enemy will not find the chance to kill our personalities under the peace.
Better management necessitates further precision and avoiding of unnecessary speed. And we need to better assess our peace process but other spheres of our lives as well.

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