13 August 2020

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Council Of Ministers Confirms Purchase Of One Million Tons Oil

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired yesterday a plenary session of the Council of Ministers (CM) at the presidential palace. 
Initially, president Karzai informed the CM on how to appreciate those who have managed to better organize the Traditional Loya Jirgah which was confirmed by the CM. 
Minister of Commerce and Industry informed the CM on the results of his visit to Iran and added that in accord with an agreement with Iran authorities we have reached conclusion on purchase of oil products such as diesel, petrol in international rates with addition of 32 USD per ton of oil transport to the Afghan ports and T-1 oil with addition of 150 USD per ton. 
The purchase of these products will take place by the government and the private sector in the same rates. 
The CM confirmed the agreement for purchase of one million ton oil products from Iran under the stated conditions by the private sector and advised the ministry of finance to allocate the needed resources for the oil enterprise and the foreign ministry should pursue its legal process. 
The commerce and industry minister added that Iran is prepared to specify land for building of hangars for the Afghan transit goods in Chah Bahar port against some charges. 
The CM also advised the commerce and finance ministries to reach understanding on building of the hangars by the private sector with the Iranian side and apprise the CM on their accomplishments. 
Meanwhile, the ministries of commerce and industries, finance, agriculture and irrigation were instructed to adopt measures as per the previous CM decisions on supply of strategic reserves of oil products and food items and inform the CM in its coming session. 
The CM also instructed the economic committee of the CM to evaluate the implementation of the development budget and share its views with the coming CM session. 
The minister of commerce and industries informed the CM about the CM economic committee on sales of Herat textile machineries. 
The CM after debating this issue advised the ministries of commerce and industries of commerce and industries and finance to one gain review the possible usage of the machines in other textile mills and apprise the CM coming session. 
The CM also confirmed the decisions of the CM economic committee in relation to industrial parks.  In follow up of a report of higher education ministry in relation to provision of scholarships, the CM advised the ministries of higher education and education so that they should allocate more scholarship to the less developed provinces and prepare a procedure and present it to the coming CM session. 
The CM also heard a report from the Executive and Professional Atomic Energy Board in relation of rumors on burial of atomic wastes inside Afghanistan. 
The board stated that this board has been established to introduce peaceful atomic technology in medical, industrial and energy production sectors for treatment of cancerous diseases and some specific operations, atomic medical services, struggle against malnutrition, increasing of agricultural products, environment protection and other such spheres. 
As regards the rumors on burial of atomic wastes in Helmand he said that after deep study, with the cooperation of related organs has reached the conclusion that no signs of atomic wastes have been noticed. 
The CM thanked the executive and professional board and advised the ministry of commerce and industries to deliver the building adjacent to the Central Silo the board for its usage. 
The head of the independent local organ commission informed the CM on the expropriation of 48 jirib of third grade land equivalent to 19 jirib of first grade of land property of Shaukat Khan located in Maidan Shahr at a total price of Afs. 15 million and 15,0000 for construction of administration reform project. 
The CM confirmed the expropriation proposal and advised the Maidan Municipality to pay the land price to the owners. 
Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation informed the CM in distribution of 60,000 tons of wheat for 20 provinces which was confirmed by the CM session and instructed the finance ministry to allocate the transport costs of the wheat to the provinces. 
The acting ministers of women affairs and public health shared the case of Mrs. Sahargul who has come under violence in Baghlan province. 
The CM instructed the ministries of public health for treatment of her and the women affairs and labor and social affairs and disabled and martyrs to provide boarding and lodging for her and advised the interior ministry to follow up the perpetrators of this case legally. 
The CM also confirmed amendment of the commission led by first vice-president into the membership of heads of provincial departments of Ghazni province including the urban ministry, women affairs, agriculture and irrigation, transport and civil aviation, and energy and water and the secretariat of the department of information and culture of the province and chaired by Ghazni governor. 
The amendment was adopted for acceleration of the Ghazni city projects to be ready for 2013 as the Center of Islamic Culture. 
At the end of the session foreign minister presented three international conventions which were confirmed by the CM accordingly. 

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