06 August 2020

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4th Phase of Talks On Afghan-US Security Pact To Be Started Soon, MoFA

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Saturday, April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan has expressed hope that soon the 4th round of talks between Washington and Kabul starts soon in the near future.
Talking on the topic, Jana Mosazai a spokesman to the minister of foreign affairs of Afghanistan told media that bilateral relations between the US and Afghanistan is developing in satisfactory manner on the bases of bilateral strategic cooperation partnership and expressed hope that the ties between the two allies are nourishing day by day.
However, spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs didn’t present a fix timetable for initiation of the 4th round talks between Afghan and US officials on the security pact, but expressed optimism that soon the next round of the bilateral discussions between the two countries started.
Three rounds of talks on security pact have been completed in Kabul and in the talks Afghan ambassador to the US Aklil Hakimi represented Afghanistan while deputy US special envoy to Afghanistan James Warlike represented the US govt. meanwhile, political commentators and military experts believe that if the security agreement between Washington and Kabul protect territorial integrity, national sovereignty and hampers meddling of neighboring countries into our internal affairs is in favor Afghanistan and we should forge such an agreement with the United States to shield our interests.
Commenting on the security pact, political analysts Wahid Mujda said that the US had promised to defend Afghanistan against any external threats and interference while signing the strategic cooperation agreement. But ground realities show that the US not reacted seriously to the rocket shelling of border regions of Afghanistan by Pakistan military couple of months before. Signing security agreement with the US has agreement with the US has great significance to Afghanistan to prevent interference of neighboring countries.
But the US stakeholders remained silent while Pakistan was conducting rocket shelling in border areas and the important question before the general public is that will Americans defend Afghanistan in case of any external threat or interference or not?, said political analyst Wahid Mujhda, adding that the US is obliged to defend Afghanistan against any threat in case of signing security agreement with the country. If the security agreement is aimed to maintain security and continue supporting and providing military trainings and equipment’s to the ANSF than it highly supports interests of Afghanistan and should be signed as soon as possible, Wahid Mujhda said. Of course, the security agreement between Kabul and Washington strongly support interests of Afghanistan and the Afghan people have national consensus on that because Afghan nation can’t tolerate further interference and games on their soil by the neighboring countries and highly value signing of security pact between the two countries. Talking on the topic, military expert Hadi Khalid said that the security pact supports interests of Afghanistan and emphasized that people of Afghanistan should be aware from the conditions and pre-conditions of the US side from the security agreement adding that Afghanistan extremely requires to forge such ties with the US side to protect itself from meddling of neighboring countries and save its territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Military expert Hadi Khalid announced 2014 as destiny making year to Afghanistan and said that in Afghanistan will witness couple of important events including completion of security transition process from international troops to the Afghan security institutions and holding of the next presidential elections while on the other hand, the neighboring countries haven’t shown willing to endorse restoration of durable peace and security or to stop their interferences into our internal affairs. Meanwhile, nationals of the country have expressed satisfaction over signing of security pact with the US and believe that it assure international supports to Afghanistan after 2014. Talking on the matter, ex-military officer Amir Muhammad told that international troops will evacuate from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 and complete security responsibilities of the country will be shouldered by the Afghan security institutions, so with consideration of Afghanistan requirements, international community an allies of Afghanistan should honor all commitments made Afghanistan and equip ANSF with modern arms and ammunitions to accomplish duties effectively by their own following foreign troops` pullback. This came after Afghanistan signed strategic cooperation partnerships with several world powerful countries and talks for signing of a security pact with the US is expected to be taken place for the 4th round in the near future.

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