07 August 2020

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“We In Discussion With US Over Security Agreement In Utmost Precision”: President Karzai

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Saturday April 13, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with chairman and members of the Senate.
At the meeting that took place at the Presidential Palace, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar and Senator Najiba Hussaini spoke on others behalf.
They called implementation of law and sound governance as guarantor for improving the affairs pertaining to economic, social and cultural spheres in society, and welcomed the policy of the government with respect to peace and expressed support for further strengthening of this process.
The members of the Senate welcomed transition of Bagram prison to Afghanistan, and considered it as instrumental in further consolidation of national sovereignty and asked the Executive Body of the State to ensure justice in addressing the files of the prisoners and in accord with the enforced laws in the country.
They also called the upcoming presidential and the provincial council elections in 1393 as important for sustainability of the democratic order in the country.
The members of the Senate also considered the election system, employment of specialist cadres, impartial and honest in the election foundations, distribution of electronic identity cards and ensuring of security in transparency of the election as significant.
President Karzai following hearing of the views of the senators expressed pleasure over their activities and said that you are trying your best for ensuring of unity and benefit of the people of the country.
Touching on the important national issues as well as the security treaty between Afghanistan and the US the president said that Afghanistan is engaged in talks about the security agreement with utmost precisions, saying that we agree with the agreement but it is necessary that the benefits of our country is envisaged in it.
He added that Afghanistan agrees with the continued presence of the US in which Afghanistan’s preconditions are guaranteed and the US aid should be without any conditions and in the benefit of the country.
As regards the peace process President Karzai noted that our efforts for attaining peace is continued and we shall not silence the voice that we have raised for peace and Afghanistan will hopefully attain peace.
Calling the upcoming presidential elections as very important, President Karzai stressed that the election should be held when the Afghan nation agree with it.
He added that holding of the calm and sound election is our duty and it is another step towards stability in the country, for continuation of order, is continuation of stability and non-continuation will bring in miseries for the country.

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