01 June 2020

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NATO’s fresh commitments with Afghanistan after 2014

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Thursday, April 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA): according to reports published in media the NATO’s Secretary General Andres Fogh Rassmusan in recent meeting of the organization held in Brussels expressed the NATO’s alliance members enduring support with Afghanistan after 2014 the timeline set for evacuation of foreign forces from the country.
The organization to continue assisting Afghanistan in training and equipping of its forces and will discuss further economic support with the war-devastated Afghanistan in the organization’s upcoming session.
The NATO’s new decision on supporting the Afghan government after 2014 would help the country get rid of misfortunes and Afghanistan as a self-reliant state to observe progress in various spheres.
The cooperation pledged by the NATO members also assists the Afghan government to have a competent and strong security force and would reject the baseless propagations and rumors of the self-interested media and circles loyal to them on deterioration of security situation after the pullout of foreign forces from the country by 2014.
These media link insecurity in the country on incompetence’s of the Afghan national security forces disable of defending the territorial integrity, national sovereignty and independence of the Afghan nation.
The aim behind such gossips is to create state of horror and chaos among the Afghan nation as these circles can’t see a stable and prosperous Afghanistan and strive for their personal interests.
President Hamid Karzai has called such propagations of foreign media a psychological war imposed by Afghanistan enemies and has strongly rejected such baseless reports and assured the Afghan people on prosperous and stable Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country by 2014.
The Afghan nation particularly the ANSF won’t let the terrorist and enemies of Afghanistan to create anarchy and implement their heinous plans by conducting suicide attacks, roadside bombings and martyring the innocent civilians.
The pledges made in Tokyo and Chicago conference retain significant role in rehabilitation and development of the war-devastated Afghanistan as the participants of the meeting promised their countries full support in political, social, cultural, economic, security and other various spheres with the country.
So the assurance given by the Intl. community and other friend countries guarantees the prosperous future of Afghanistan.
It’s while President Hamid Karzai, leading a high level delegation, left yesterday for Belgium to attend a trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US.
At the trilateral meeting, discussions would focus on Afghan-Pak relations, the Afghan peace process and the recent tension in relations, including the issue of the border gate built by Pakistani army near the Durand Line in Goshta district of Nangarhar province.

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