“Afghanistan Remained Independent, United And Honorable As A Result of Sacrifices of Its Sons”: President Karzai

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Sunday, May 05, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Addressing a press conference at the presidential office yesterday, president Karzai informed the media about the recent moves in Goshta district and the result of his visits to Finland, Estonia and Denmark.
The president expressed appreciation over the bravery and sacrifice of a solider named Mohammad Qasem resident of Khewa of Nangrhar who was martyred as a result of firing of the Pakistani border forces in Goshta district of Nangarhar in defending the country. 
He noted that the reason that this homeland has remained independent, honorable and united has been due to sacrifices and bravery of its sons. 
He added that why such incidents are taking place and we are attacked from the Pakistani side, is that Afghanistan should not have strong government and the progress achieved in the past ten years in good governance and its is further gaining strength, is prevented and also striving is being made that the people of Afghanistan are compelled to enter into talks with respect to recognition of the Durand Line. 
He further emphasized that in case these attacks are made for recognition of the Durand Line and or it is intended to impede progress in Afghanistan, it is impossible and this will not reach any conclusion.
He stressed that we shall continue our efforts for ensuring friendship and creation of better ties with Pakistan and in the meantime our position is that the Durand Line is not recognized and we will continue our nation-building as an independent, Free State to stand on our feet. 
Answering a question that why Afghanistan is not deciding on the destiny of the Durand Line, he said that the Durand Line has not been accepted by kthe people of both sides, its destiny is quite clear for the people of Afghanistan from the year of 1893 that this line has been imposed on the people of Afghanistan by the British they did not accepted it.
He noted that he respects the people of Pakistan and once again he addressed the government of Pakistan and said that to adapt the path of friendship and brotherhood with Afghanistan.  He emphasized that nothing will be gained from extremism and terrorism, while Pakistan itself will burn in its flames every day and it is a matter of regret that the public of Pakistan, especially the National Awami Party and other progressive parties are sustaining harms. 
The president once again urged the Taliban and said that the Taliban who are Afghans and Muslims and they considered themselves patriots, should realize that war against the homeland is for achieving alien aims, so they should not destroy homeland, children for the same of alien interests. 
He added that I repeat my call to the Taliban not to target Afghanistan with your rifles and target those who are doing enmity with Afghanistan.  Turn the barrel of your rifles to the targets who are acting against Afghanistan and its progress and prosperity, and joint the path of Mohammad Qasem Shahed who resisted on the defense of his homeland and was martyred, and defend your homeland. 
Answering a question that whether signing of security agreement between Afghanistan and the US is to the interest and welfare of Afghanistan, he said we are trying that issues like security, peace, strengthening of Afghan security forces and the economy of Afghanistan should be guaranteed in the agreement in a way that and specified that these will not be overlooked and what will be incorporated in the content of the contract should be fully implemented. 
President Hamid Karzai called the visit of the high ranking Afghan delegation to Finland, Estonia and Denmark and signing of the long-term cooperation agreements with final and Denmark as successful and considered the financial commitments of Finland and Denmark to Afghanistan after 2014 as a great achievement for the country.

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